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On January 30th, 2021 we had a block buster trade between the Detroit Lions and the Los Angeles Rams. The trade cost the Ram’s Jared Goff, the 2021 Third Round Pick, the 2022 First round pick and the 2023 First round pick for quarterback Matthew Stafford. The Rams with that unbelieve defense is ready to win a Vince Lombardi trophy now, so they believe that Matthew Stafford is the guy and obviously Jared Goff was clearly not the guy.

A rumor leaked that the reason why Rams head coach Sean McVay wanted Goff so bad out of town, was because during a group text message with a bunch of teammates Jared Goff quoted that he wanted to “pipe” his girlfriend. This trade set the standards today for the NFL trade market as far as quarterbacks.

In Philadelphia, its well known that the Philadelphia Eagles are looking to move on from quarterback Carson Wentz. This season starts Wentz’s $128 million deal if the Eagles decide to move on from Wentz, that will eat up $33 million against the cap.

The Eagles are reportedly wanting at least two first round draft picks or a first round and two players. The rumor is that two teams are extremely interested and that is the Colts and the Bears.

My opinion, there will be a massive four-way trade regarding the Bears, Colts, Eagles and Texans that would shake things up in the NFL. Texans would get draft picks for Deshaun Watson, Philadelphia would get draft picks and their Super Bowl LII MVP back Nick Foles, Bears would get Wentz, and must take on $98 of the $128 million Wentz deal, with the Colts getting Watson.

Sound crazy, huh?

Thanks to the recent Stafford-Goff deal, crazier deals could be on the horizon in the near future.



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