Our 7 Step Guide to Designing a Minimalist Bedroom

Do you want an organized and clutter-free bedroom? Are neutral tones and a simple theme calling your name? If so, then a minimalist bedroom may be perfect for you. Luckily, it’s not hard to achieve this style. You can start by embracing functional furniture and pared-down decor. Some people get stressed out by the idea of living a minimalist lifestyle. But it’s actually rather easy.

Follow this seven-step guide and everything will come together beautifully.


1. Buy Functional Furniture

Let’s start with furniture. To create a minimalist bedroom, you want to select furniture that has a specific function. The furniture should help you stay organized.

Here are a few furniture pieces to consider:

● Single dresser

Bookshelf with minimal decor

● Small coffee table

● Chair for stacking books

Carefully select the furniture you want in your room. Remember not to overwhelm the space, since the idea is to simplify everything. For example, try to make do with a single dresser if possible. That way, your room will look less cluttered.

2. Pick Out a Simple Bed Frame

Because it’s so big, your bed is likely to be the focal point of the room. Therefore, it’s best to pick out a simple bed frame. Set the tone for the rest of your room by selecting the right type of bed frame. A few examples are a platform bed, box spring, or metal bed frame.

You could also create a DIY frame with wooden pallets or pine cut to size. There are many other DIY bed frame designs out there that’ll look fantastic in your bedroom. If you create an organized and harmonious layout, you’ll start off on the right foot.


3. Use Neutral Tones

Minimalism is all about living a relaxed, clutter-free lifestyle. You won’t get that zen vibe you’re after by selecting bright and colorful patterns, so stay away from those. Instead, get back to basics with neutral-colored bedding and decor. Infiltrate your room with creamy whites, light greys, and soft beiges. These types of colors are calming and lend themselves to a serene environment.

But don’t worry; your bedroom doesn’t have to be completely colorless. After you lay down the groundwork with neutral tones, think about adding in an accent color or two. A hint of color can complement the rest of the hues in the room, which we get into more detail about next.

4. Utilize Some Accent Colors

Do you already own a bunch of decorations? If so, take stock of the artwork, accessories, and window treatments. Identify the things that you can’t bring yourself to part with. While looking over your home elements, see which colors are showing up the most. To stick with a minimalist theme, you should only select one to two accent colors.

So. if there’s a light green throw you love or a few low-maintenance plants you can picture in your room, add them. Then, find a few other items that complement those things. Keep your color scheme simplified so that your bedroom won’t be overwhelmed by too many colors.


5. Simplify Your Decor

It’s easy to pare down your layout to a minimalist design and then fill it back up with too much decor. So, be careful not to overdo it with too many decorations. There are plenty of ways to decorate without cluttering up your bedroom.

Being a minimalist doesn’t mean you can’t express yourself. But, you should try to infuse your personality while still keeping it simple. One way to convey your taste is by making an architectural statement. For example, you could mount a large, quirky wall shelf. Or, you could hang a single abstract painting. Use your imagination to make the minimalistic aesthetic work for you. By hanging a few powerful decor items in a streamlined room, you can truly make your bedroom shine.

Tip: If you plan on making any significant changes, contact your apartment complex. You should find out what their policies are on painting walls, hanging pictures, etc.

6. Hold Onto Your Collections

If you’re an obsessive collector, don’t worry about getting rid of your prized possessions. You can incorporate your stuff into your minimalist bedroom by putting your collection on display!

For example:

If you collect vintage magazines, you can display them in a neat stack in the corner of your room. If they’re too prized to put on the floor, organize them on a bookshelf (just be careful not to overcrowd the shelf). No matter how you display your collection, keep everything neat. It will look amazing as the focal point in your sparse bedroom.


7. Let the Natural Light Shine In

Lighting makes a huge difference in a clutter-free space. If it’s too dim, the room will look sad and empty. If the interior is well-lit, on the other hand, your minimalist design will look intentional and modern. Therefore, it’s important to let as much natural light into your room as possible.

If you have windows, avoid covering them with light-blocking shades. Instead, adorn them with sheer curtains or drapes that are easy to pull to the side. That way, you can get some rest and still enjoy some sunshine.


Redecorating your bedroom should be fun and exciting, not overwhelming. After all, you’re creating your personal sanctuary, so you should enjoy it! Unfortunately, the idea of going minimalist makes a lot of people shudder with fear. No one wants to spend their Saturday throwing away possessions.

But once you make the transition, your life will be much easier. You won’t regret keeping your bedroom clutter-free. Trust me; you’ll enjoy coming home to a stress-free environment every day.

And remember:

A minimalist bedroom doesn’t have to become cold and empty. There are many ways to make it feel warm and inviting. By following the tips I’ve outlined above, and infusing some of your personality into your design, you’ll no doubt create a bedroom you love.


Author’s Bio: Ryan Sundling is a Group Marketing Manager at Cardinal Group Management. With more than ten years of experience in the student housing industry, he works with Dwell College and Crown to optimize their marketing efforts.



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