Most of the surfaces may not be easy to protect. Are you worried about the stains? Stains on a deck or on a fence are a perfectly doable project. Or in case if you are someone who is looking to apply deck on the new stain or to refurbish the old one? This article will give you a clear idea of deck stain when it is DIY. Paint your deck and keep your home free from stains.

What is a deck stain?

Deck stains have come all the way with a wide range of colors, tones, and tints to help its consumers. As the color enhances beauty these deck stains are designed to protect the object as well as to retain the original color. You have to educate yourself with the pros and cons of the product. While selecting a deck stain you have to match your product with the below criteria:

  • Recommendation
  • Maintenance
  • Durability
  • Ratings
  • Performance

Types of stains:

As a deck owner, you should always remember that the finishes vary according to the wood’s natural grain. A semi-transparent and clear finish deck stains will give you more aesthetic views. The price range is from $15 to $50 per gallon.

  1. Solid or opaque deck stain
  2. Semi-transparent deck stain
  3. Clear Sealer

Even though it is a DIY project most of us do not prefer doing it every now and then, so it is a good choice to prefer a long-lasting and the best deck stain. Here are some of the best deck stains on

1.        DEFY Extreme water-based deck stain:

This exterior wood stain from DEFY Extreme provides an environment-friendly solution that protects your deck from the outdoor resources such as Sun, moisture, wind etc. Being water based you can apply it on oil-based stains as well. Since it is environment-friendly you can apply it without the concern of children and pets.


The extreme lines of stains are made out of excellent UV rays to protect the particles from thump and footsteps. The zinc particles that are infused owe the resistance. It has the following assets:

  • Prevents mold, mildew, and algae
  • Gives a completely clear solution without leaving any stains or residues
  • Keeps the portion away from UV rays, cold temperatures, rain, and snow etc.
  • Prevents the deck color from water and can be applied over oil-based objects.

2.     A great wood preservative – TWP:

Total Wood Preservative gives a complete rewind of the object when you without notable color difference while you splash it on any surface. It is affordable at a cost of $54.00. Below are some of its pros:

  • Goes clear on any surface without making notable marks
  • Soaks just like water on any stain and gives internal protection to the object
  • Provides excellent protection without the interference of day-to-day peel and tear

3.     Wolman F&P natural finish deck stain:

Rust-Oleum F&P deck stain is from a rust treatment company. It has a natural finish and does not leave any substrate, by keeping the exact color. This, in turn, improves the visual quality of your deck and the overall value goes high. It also eliminates the mild dew. It is available at a cost of $96.00. Here are some of its advantages:

  • Stain is cleared by retaining the natural color
  • Protects the object from UV rays, mold and mildew and from other temperature conditions

4.     Penofin with ultra Sun protection:

A versatile, clear-coat, ultra-premium deck stain is the Penofin penetrating oil finish. It is specially designed for the boats, panels, siding and other wooden objects at home. The main feature that secures the object is it provides 99 percent of UV protection. Excellent UV protection, in turn, offers longevity and just works miracles on the stains. Some of its specifications are mentioned below:

  • Exceptional protection from mildew and Sun
  • Doesn’t require a primer to set
  • Gives a quality finish with natural color

5.     BEHR Premium stain and sealer:

It is a high-quality premium translucent deck stain and sealer that offers wood dying and waterproofing in just one-gallon package. You can make use of it despite any weather condition such as the harsh sunshine, temperature fluctuations, and rain or water. Though it adds a brown tint after applying, it protects the object from day-to-day wear and tears. Here are some of the pros of using it.

  • Brown tint goes good with all colors of wood
  • Protects the deck from daily wear and tear

6.     Woodrich timber oil:

Woodrich offers a flawless product that provides timber oil. It can be easily applied on the surface with the color of brown sugar. The impeccable seal acts against the forces of nature such as UV rays, wind, and rain etc. Additionally, you can also use it with the help of sprayer, roller etc.

Once applied, it gives a brand new look to the object. The oxide finishing with high-quality pigmentation helps in protecting your deck.  Some of the major advantages are:

  • Easy to use and handle
  • Variety of colors available
  • Gives an excellent and glossy color finish

7.     Superdeck exterior for redwood:

Superdeck exterior deck stain enables you to handle a transparent stain with more longevity. It gives a glossy finish on recoating which in turn brings out the finer details. It nourishes the wood and makes it stronger. The other specifications include:

  • Lasts on an average of two years before recoating
  • Offers a great tint to the sidings, corners, and decks
  • Finer finish in a single coat
  • Protects from outdoor elements such as temperature, sun, rain and much more.
  • Helps to nourish the wood

Final words:

You can undoubtedly use any type of deck stain of your choice. While selecting deck stains the combination of colors, opacity, tints might be your real imagination. But you should consider the positives and negatives as far as the protection and appearance are concerned. Henceforth, before buying a deck stain learn more about its ratings, recommendations, and specifications.

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