Passaic, NJ

Passaic was originally a Dutch settlement that was established in the late 1670s – named Acquackanonk Township. It was independently chartered as a city about two hundred years later (1873) after a stint as part of the nearby town of Clifton.

Passaic is a suburban location in the northern part of the Garden State and the fifth most densely populated in New Jersey. Its location is included as a component of one of the world’s most influential, innovative, and economically vibrant metropolises – the Tri-State area anchored by New York City & Philadelphia.

Passaic and the Garden State are not without their fascinating inventions and inventors, including Thomas Edison and Norman Woodland, who is credited with the invention of the bar code. Les Paul, who lived in Bergen County, invented both the electric guitar and harmonica holder and is the only person in the nation to be honored with an induction into the National Inventor’s Hall of Fame plus an induction into the Rock and Rock Hall of Fame.

Passaic, New Jersey, has been referred to as The Birthplace of Television – an homage to Allen B. DuMont, who would lead the initial transmission of TV to homes in 1931. DuMont’s interest and love of science began when he recuperated from polio after being stricken at age 10.

Dr. DuMont is recognized as a pioneer of the television industry, having designed, and produced the first cathode-ray tubes that were a commercial success. A historic tidbit reports that Dr. DuMont invested about $25,000 in his related experiments and ultimately sold the first two cathode-ray tubes each for $35.

The 1.5 million television sets manufactured by the Passaic-based DuMont Laboratories were recognized as the Rolls-Royce of TVs at that time.

DuMont also set up DuMont Broadcasting Corporation, which, through various iterations over time, was renamed the Metropolitan Broadcasting Corporation, Metromedia Broadcasting, which was eventually bought and is now managed by Fox Television.

Passaic continues to offer innovative lifestyle options

Blink Fitness in Passaic, NJ, is one of sixteen New Jersey locations. Blink has developed a spacious fitness setting highlighted by colors that have been shown to elevate one’s workout efforts and thus results. Blink Fitness in Passaic’s tagline, ‘Mood above Muscle,’ and its ethos, defined by the hashtag #EverybodyHappy, are great examples of how Blink’s innovative and inclusive approach is changing how modern gyms and workout environments can meet current cultural demands.

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