So, you want to know about mountain cur dogs. These are a courageous fighter and are highly intelligent with solid treeing instinct. It is easy to train and leave an unwanted game. They are intelligent, and they learn new things very easily. Therefore they are very easy to train. You will love their hunting skills. These are excellent watchdogs and companions. Learn more about this breed here from the Mountain cur dog information.

The breed of cur mountain dog is famous for strength, sturdy body built for stamina and powerful structure. All these dogs in this breed have the same features. It is the oldest dog’s breed that is famous for intelligence and leadership qualities. This dog always looks for the challenges because handling challenges keeps me active otherwise sitting idle or doing nothing makes it bored. He loves consistent leadership.


No no, it is not possible that you leave him alone any time otherwise be ready to face his destructive and anxious behavior. You know, all the time he needs something to do and require a lot of areas to roam about to burn his energy. The cool climate is his weakness. He will be a loving companion for life because of intelligence; it is easy to train him.

You will find him affectionate with your family because he is incredibly fond of hinting. For offering them good company, they enjoy the presence of strangers. They love to have their peers in the home because it makes them have more fun with them.

This dog can be a loyal friend and stand by your side through thick and thin. This is the reason due to which his owner loves to keep him at home with other pets and his kids. He needs special and particular accessories because he requires special care. For the pet owners, it is difficult to confine the pets in a particular area when they are busy, or there are guests in the home.

My appearance

In this breed, the male dogs at the shoulder tend to stand 25 inches, and generally, our weigh is about 85 pounds. A Female dog tends to rise 23 inches high with 75 pounds. Their standard colours are black, brown, tan, and white. With a long and soft coat, it is adorable. Due to entertaining and friendly behavior, this breed is ideal for your house to watch that contains a big lawn.


It is generally healthy but prone to some health problems. This dog may suffer from hip dysplasia, von Willebrand’s diseases, hypothyroidism, and elbow dysplasia.


Puppies of about one to two years of age are famous with the Juvenile Cataracts. It leads to blindness. It is said that these dogs must not be used for breeding.


It is a genetic disorder and the infected puppies born with this disease. In this disorder, they contain abnormal length and shape of their limbs. It is called dwarfism.



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