Polished Plaster Finishes 

A polished plaster finishes is a very thin coating of plaster-like about 1-3mm thick, that can be applied to any kind of interior and exterior surfaces. They are highly durable and need very less maintenance. It also allows the incorporation of colours or pigments to alleviate the requirement for painting and repainting the surface. When compared to different types of wall finishes, the polished plaster finishes have numerous advantages. They can be easily cleaned and can hold their colour for several years without either feeling or fading. Even when it is exposed to sun or water for a long period, it will not get fade. Unlike wallpaper or the vinyl surface stains or tear down, the polished plaster never gets tore.

Are you planning to redesign your house? Do you wish to have an interior that will, not only look stylish but also very elegant, and should cost very less than a full renovation?

Several service providers offer highly professional service and specialize in best wall finishes. The highly talented applicators can easily make bespoken wall finishes by utilizing the best quality polished plaster. This type of polished plaster finishes will provide high benefits both to commercial as well as residential buildings.

Polished Plaster Finishes 
Polished Plaster Finishes

Have A Look at Some of The Major Benefits of Polished Plaster Finishes in Your Office or Home:

  • Versatile: The polished plaster finishes can be applied to any kind of surfaces or the previously existing wall. They can be safely used on the wood, tiles, stone or bricks and even the cement walls and the drywall. Also, it is one of the easy finishing options for complicated surfaces like the archways and the columns.
  • Highly Durable: Another major benefit of polished plaster finish is its high durability. They last for many years and once the plaster coating becomes dry it gets transformed to rock-like material. It keeps the ability to withstand all kinds of impact as well as slight movement. It lasts longest than any kind of plaster finishes, thereby making it the most practical option.
  • The Characteristics: One of the most product distinctive characteristics is the mineral composition and the indubitable benefits offered by the best breath capability. This doesn’t allow the moisture to get accumulated inside the wall finish thereby offering resistance to the attacks by damp, moulds, bacteria and ageing. These finishes are highly suitable for kitchen, bathrooms, and pool and spa areas.
  • Easy to Maintain: The polished plaster finishes need very less maintenance as well as less care for a long period. They are mixed with various pigments, for which it can last without fading for several years thereby resulting in occasional painting only for the walls. The easy and rapid drying along with damping of the plaster makes it very easier for cleaning and maintenance. Although the initial investment is massive but with time, it needs very less maintenance cost.
  • Different: They are composed of some unique mineral composition and elements for which it is different and unique as well.
  • Environmentally Friendly: The polished plaster finishes on your wall is highly environmentally friendly. Mostly they are made from natural components and also it has got high benefits for the wall quality. It offers optimal and increased air quality. The antibacterial base prevents mound growth as well as the growth of fungus. Polished plaster is one of the unique ways to add insulation layers and protection to the wall, thereby helping them in staying good and in pristine condition for a long time.
Polished Plaster Finishes 
Polished Plaster Finishes

In the end, you will get a beautiful and durable surface with your choice of colours which will again last for long without any worry. Even a very thin coating it is very strong. Thus, going for polished plaster finishes on your wall is a good choice.

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