Barcelona’s Top Greatest and Most Successful Seasons of All Time


Barcelona – or Barca in short – is one of the greatest football clubs in the world with its long and thick history. This club has been witnessing many legends and the greatest players in football history. In this article, you will know the top greatest and most successful seasons of Barca in the past.

Barcelona & 10 Most Successful Seasons

#10. Season 1952-1953

That was the season of Ferdinand Daucik – the only Czechoslovakian to be the manager of Barcelona. He led the team to win the La Liga title and Copa del Rey Cup, which made Barca the back-to-back Champion of these two trophies.

Ferdinand Daucik is considered one of the best managers at Camp Nou for four years as he contributed massively to the continuous success of Barcelona.  In this season, the club had an excellent striker Spaniard Tomas Hernandez Burillo, who led the top-scoring with 22 goals in La Liga.

#9. Season 1996-1997

An Englishman – Bobby Robson was the head manager of the Catalunya club in the season 1996-1997. Though he couldn’t get the La Liga title, this was still a high season of Barca when they got the and the Copa Del Rey, the Cup Winners’ Cup, and the Spanish Super Cup.

This season also featured Ronaldo – the “Alien”, the superstar – as he first played for the Nou Camp owner. He was simply perfect and exceptional to contribute 34 goals only in the La Liga league after 37 matches. He also got European Golden Shoe and won La Liga top scorer. This achievement was only beaten by Lionel Messi season 2009-2010).

However, Barca couldn’t make it deep through the Champions League though they had a tremendous attacking formation.

#8. Season 1958-1959

Barca had won the double titles (La Liga and Copa Del Rey) for the third time in the club’s history. This was massively contributed by Helenio Herrera manager and super striker Evaristo as the Brazillian scored 20 goals totally in just 23 games of La Liga league.

#7. Season 1997-1998

This season witnessed the treble titles of the Catalans’: La Liga title, Copa del Rey and UEFA Super Cup. However, Barca once again couldn’t advance to the Champions Group knockout stage. It was the first and only successful season of manager Louis van Gaal as he had superstar Louis Figo before he moved to the biggest rival – Real Madrid.

#6. Season 1991-1992

Barcelona, under the legend Johan Cruyff, had itself a “Dream team” that was like a storm and tornado throughout three consecutive years. The Dutch manager brought to Barca the only awaited Cup they didn’t have in the past 40 years – European Cup. After that, history was made.

Barca was dominated in the football world for years with their dream team. In season 1991-1992, they got treble titles: La Liga title, European Cup, and the Super Cup. They were merely unbeatable at that time.

European Cup
The first European Cup after 40 years of waiting for Barca. Source 

#5. Season 2009-2010

This was the second successful season of the most exceptional manager Pep Guardiola. After recording a year with six different titles in the club level, Pep went to take four more titles in season 2009-2010. They were La Liga title, the FIFA World Club Cup, the UEFA Super Cup, and the Spanish Super Cup.

Nevertheless, Barca couldn’t protect their Champions League title and Copa del Rey Cup as they lost against Inter Milan and Sevilla respectively. Lionel Messi was also the best player in Barcelona to score totally 47 goals.

Dramatic El Clasico between Barcelona and Real Madrid
Dramatic El Clasico between Barcelona and Real Madrid. Source

#4. Season 2005-2006

After the two unsuccessful seasons under Frank Rijkaard, Barcelona got back on track to protect the La Liga title and win the Champions League against Arsenal. They also got the Spanish Super Cup after beating Real Betis 5-2 on aggregate in two legs.

These trophies were contributed massively by the “2nd dream team” which featured Ronaldinho, Samuel Eto’o, Lionel Messi, and Deco. This formation shocked the football world after defeating the “Galacticos” Real Madrid 3-0 right at Bernabeu stadium.

#3. Season 2010-2011

Pep Guardiola’s men were too hard to defeat at that time with Villa, Messi, Pedro, Iniesta, and Xavi on the attack lines. Their “victim” on the Champions League final was Manchester United, a great traditional English football team who already won the Premier League title. Barcelona came home with the Champions League trophy after beating MU 3-1.

Messi had been becoming a real “monster” as he netted 53 times in 55 matches, alongside with 24 assists. In this season, Barca won the two precious titles as La Liga and Champions League. The formation of the Catalans was into perfection and destruction that no other team can beat.

#2. Season 1951-1952

“Barca of the Five Cups” was the name that people knew widely since this season. Superstar Ladislau Kubala helped Barca capture several trophies in a single season, and this was the second most successful season of the club’s history. La Liga title, Copa del Rey Cup, Latin Cup, Copa Martini Rossi Cup, and Copa Eva Duarte Cup were the five cups that made the football history.

#1. Season 2008-2009

Until now, the season 2008-2009 was Barcelona’s greatest season of all time. Though it was just the first season of Pep Guardiola as a manager, he did incredible things that almost no one could do at that time.

Achieving six trophies in a calendar year (2009) is still now the best record ever in football history. Barca captured all the trophies in European, which included: La Liga title, Champions League title, Copa del Rey Cup, UEFA Super Cup, FIFA World Club Cup, and the Spanish Super Cup.

After that, the era of Guardiola began and dominated the football world for years without any deserving opponents. Barcelona was invincible.

Barca’s Champions League title 2008-2009
Barca’s Champions League title 2008-2009. Source

Final Word

Above are all Barcelona’s greatest seasons of all time that Cules fans will never forget. Though there have been ups and downs, Barca has achieved many trophies and becomes the best clubs in the world.


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