LOS ANGELES, CA (May 25, 2021) — Six Degrees Records’ BELUSHI (MUSIC FROM THE SHOWTIME DOCUMENTARY FILM) composed by TREE ADAMS is now available on all major streaming platforms. Directed by award-winning filmmaker R.J. Cutler, the documentary takes a revealing look at the brilliant life of comedic legend John Belushi.

The original score serves as Belushi’s loyal companion as he blazes through the alluring blues, funk, and rock stylings of the decadent ‘70s. Adams, an Emmy-nominated and BMI Award-winning composer, deconstructs these recorded band elements at times, layering them in a distinctly cerebral and psychedelic stew. For BELUSHI, Adams won the 2020 Hollywood Music in Media Award for Outstanding Score – Documentary TV Series.

“For the BELUSHI score, R.J. wanted us to be able to layer a driving band sound in there as a backdrop for much of the journey but we also needed to be able to accommodate some cerebral and poignant spaces along the way,” said Adams. “So, to keep things feeling cohesive, we tore the live recordings apart and used the elements to make new pieces by reversing and warping the sounds into something that felt entirely unrecognizable but somehow connected.”

Cutler’s feature documentary details the too-short life of the John Belushi, a once-in-a-generation talent who captured the hearts and funny-bones of audiences worldwide. Told using previously unheard audiotapes, this film examines Belushi’s extraordinary life in the words of his collaborators, friends, and family, including Dan Aykroyd, Jim Belushi, Penny Marshall, Lorne Michaels, Carrie Fisher, Chevy Chase, Harold Ramis, Jane Curtin, Ivan Reitman and his high school sweetheart and later wife Judy Belushi.


Track List:



  1. Kissing John’s Ass
  2. First And Only Valentine
  3. Good And Bad At The Same Time
  4. Everybody Knows Me
  5. Get Married
  6. Knowing His Appetites
  7. I Got My Woman
  8. Jimbo
  9. John Figures Out What He Wants To Do
  10. John In LA
  11. Cocaine
  12. Tension Between Lorne Michaels And John
  13. Radio Show
  14. Nixon
  15. Ramis Recounts
  16. Ranch For His Parents
  17. Identity Crisis
  18. Belushi Disappears For A Nap
  19. Lemmings
  20. Cultural Icons
  21. Rise Of Chevy
  22. Chevy Leaving The Show
  23. Split Up
  24. People Adored Him
  25. Spin Cycle
  26. Belushi Dead at 33


To download or stream BELUSHI (Music From The Showtime Documentary Film) visit:  https://ffm.to/belushi

BELUSHI is available to stream on SHOWTIME, Sho.com and all SHOWTIME partner platforms.




Tree Adams is an award-winning, internationally renowned composer. Over the past 25 years, he has amassed an enormous body of work in film, television, and video games. He loves the art of storytelling in music and the process of collaborating with filmmakers. As a multi-instrumentalist and an alchemist in the studio, Tree draws from a wide range of different sonic elements in creating a unique palette for each project. He enjoys the evolution and the inspiration that comes with each new challenge. He says that typically, a composition forms in his head before he even picks up an instrument and often, the centerpiece of an idea will evolve by experimenting with a sound or a piece of gear in the studio in the initial stages of the process.

Tree grew up in New York City in a family with a deep musical heritage. He studied music theory and jazz at the University of Pennsylvania, where he formed a rock band called The Hatters. The Hatters toured relentlessly for the subsequent seven years or so (often 300 days a year) releasing several albums on Atlantic Records along the way. They played alongside bands like the Allman Brothers, Tribe Called Quest, King Sunny Ade, and Jimmy Cliff. His current band DAGNASTERPUS will be releasing its debut self-titled album on Six Degrees Records in June 2021.

He is known for his work on NCIS: New Orleans (CBS), The 100 (CW), Redemption Road (Heavy Duty Entertainment), Californication (Showtime), Lethal Weapon (Fox), Legends (TNT), among others.




Six Degrees Records produces and markets accessible, genre-bending records that explore world music traditions, modern dance grooves, electronic music, and overlooked pop gems.  The label’s catchphrase, “everything is closer than you think,” is a real reflection of Six Degrees’ commitment to different styles of music that appeal to a curious and increasingly sizable audience.




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