The panels of the prismatic diffuser are manufactured with high-quality polycarbonate which is mixed with UV stabilizer and this is added so as to extend the sheet’s life under the conditions of fluorescent lighting. They are also extruded with P12 style prism on the bottom of the surface and top surface is made smooth to suit molding, vacuum forming, and fabrication. It is also extremely useful in prismatic diffuser cut to size. These panels are used in applications of lighting and also act as fire retardant diffuser of high quality.

The key features of prismatic diffuser are that it is lightweight, excellent UV resistant as well as impact resistant and it is also good for light diffusion properties. The applications of these diffusers take place in hospitals, schools, retail outlets, public building, public areas, down lighting, higher ambient heat, restaurants, sporting facilities, clean rooms, office lighting and refurbishment projects as well.

Features of Prismatic Diffuser

These sheets consist of amazing light transmission as well as UV resistance. The acrylic prismatic sheets are manufactured with acrylic and are also made for diffusion of fluorescent light. Also, it is easy for prismatic diffuser cut to size and to install. The panels of prismatic diffuser also reduce glare, offer pinpoint brightness and enhances the visual comfort.

Its range of products also includes K12 which is used to eliminate glare and to obscure the fluorescent as well as HD lamps. It also features a square base as well as a female conical prism of 4.75mm, placed on an axis of 45 degrees to offer a visual comfort at a higher level. The prismatic lighting panel of K19 is also made with a bold square base as well as a female conical prism of 9.52mm to offer good efficiency and excellent glare control by maintaining a good level comfort visually in large areas.

To control the brightness of high angle, K19 is also made with make conical prism which has the capability to control as well as direct HID lighting and fluorescent. The key features of the acrylic prismatic diffuser include good UV resistance, easy installation, and cutting as well as acrylic lighting panel. Since it has many features, they are used in all almost all the fields which are discussed in the following.

Application of Acrylic Prismatic Diffuser:

Some of the amazing applications of the prismatic diffuser, manufactured using acrylic, are as follows,

  • Government buildings
  • Illuminated ceilings
  • Laboratories
  • General offices
  • Computer rooms
  • Large retail areas
  • Schools and colleges

Variants of Prismatic Light Diffuser:

This material usually comes with two thickness of 3mm as well as 4.5mm. The material of 3mm is often known as P12 which consists of 1.9mm prism depth and the material of 4.5mm is known as P15 consisting of 2.3mm prism depth. Both the materials have a an excellent control in considerable glares. The maximum span of the 3mm material is 600mm whereas, the maximum span of 4.5mm materials is 800mm. But these can be extended with proper support in the middle as well as on the edges.

Since it is a great diffuser of light, it can be easily broken if not taken care of. This is due to the pattern which is rolled into the extruded material. In fact, it also makes the materials thinner and more brittle. If there is a great usage of large prismatic panels, then it is important that the particular frame, adhesive or drilling has been used for mitigating material as there are chances that it may pop out due to changin weather conditions.

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