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Professional explanation why gold rust, fade, turn white or black

1. Why does gold turn white?

Gold, the chemical element symbol is Au, is a metal with a yellow luster. Gold has good physical properties, stable chemical properties, high degree of ductility and a small amount of rareness. Generally, people think that the nature of gold is very stable, but nowadays people are getting more and more cosmetics and daily chemicals, and some cosmetics contain a trace amount of mercury, when using cosmetics, accidentally touched gold jewelry, it will turn white.”

In addition, if a gold ring is worn on one finger of the same hand and a platinum ring is worn on the adjacent finger, the finger ring often moves, which easily causes the gold ring and the platinum ring to rub against each other, thereby causing the surface of the gold jewelry is partially covered with platinum and will turn white. In this case, it cannot be heated by a gasoline sprayer to disappear, because the melting point of platinum is several hundred times higher than the melting point of gold. For such a white gold custom name necklace, you can use an agate knife to polish, or you can use a thick cloth to rub hard to restore the gold.

2. Why gold turns black?

Some cosmetics or hair dyes contain trace amounts of lead, and gold is prone to blackening when exposed to lead. It can be heat treated with a gasoline sprayer for jewelry processing because the melting point of mercury and lead is very low, and it will volatilize during the heat treatment of the spray wheel, so that the gold jewelry can be restored to its original appearance. Of course, it is best not to wear gold jewelry when applying cosmetics or dyeing hair to avoid future troubles.

The discoloration or fading of gold jewelry is closely related to the sweat of the human body. 99% of human sweat is water, and about 1% is waste and harmful substances in the human body. When these materials come into contact with silver and copper in gold family necklace, they chemically react to produce silver chloride and copper sulphide, and exhibit a deep black chemical salt. These chemical salts often fall from gold jewelry, contaminating the wearer’s skin, leaving a very noticeable black stain on the skin. It will give the opportunity to color of the cosmetics containing chemical substances meet the gold jewelry that is most afraid of chemical substances. Consumers can let the merchants burn the gold ornaments at high temperatures. If they are thousands of gold, they can restore the original colors.

3. Why is gold rusting and fading?

Why do gold jewelry and gold bars in the jewelry store have yellow-brown spots? Because in the process of jewelry making, the iron scraps left by the iron processing tools are formed by the moisture, it is not a quality problem, just wash can be solved. 

Some cosmetics also contain some fine hard particles, which can form another type of dirt, thus consuming gold jewelry. It is worth mentioning that the talcum powder or moisturizer, which also contains similar particles, will eclipse gold jewelry.

Gold maintenance

  Gold jewelry is not very delicate, but without careful maintenance, it will lose its original luster and charm. In general, the following points are to be careful:

  1. The chemical substances of dishwashing liquid will change the color of gold, so you should take off the gold jewelry before cleaning.
  2. Avoid direct contact with high volatile substances such as perfume, hair gel, otherwise, it will easily lead to fading of gold ornaments.
  3. Remove the gold ornaments when swimming, so as not to touch the sea water or pool water, the surface layer produces chemical changes.
  4. When storing, wrap it in a velvet cloth and put it in the jewelry box to avoid mutual friction and damage.
  5. Gold is relatively soft, easy to deform, so do not pull.
  6. Pure gold necklace photo will produce a chemical reaction in the case of mercury, white spots appear, as long as you wash under the alcohol lamp for a while, you can restore the original color.
  7. After wearing, the gold ornaments often lose their luster due to the stains and dust. At this time, just put the gold ornaments in a neutral detergent and soak them in warm water and wash them, then remove them and dry them.
  8. To protect the luster of gold jewelry, you can apply a thin layer of nail polish on it.
  9. If there is a black silver film on the surface, use 2 grams of salt, 7 grams of baking soda, 8 grams of bleaching powder, 60 ml of water, and make a “golden cleaning agent”. Put the gold monogram necklace in a bowl and pour it into the bowl. After 2 hours, remove the gold jewelry, rinse with water, bury it in wood chips, and then wipe it with a soft cloth.
  10. Ring with jewels roll a piece of cotton with a popsicle or matchstick. After dampening in a mixture of toilet water and glycerin, scrub the frame of the gemstone and then polish the ring with a flannel. Never use a sharp object like a blade to scrape.
  11. Mix salt and vinegar into a cleaning agent, and use it to wipe pure gold customized necklace, which can last for a long time.
  12. Toothpaste wipes or scrub with hot rice soup can also restore luster.
  13. Thousands of gold jewelry is made of high-purity gold, low hardness, do not collide with hard objects when rubbing.


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