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Profitable online betting with professionals

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The tennis season is coming to an end, there were a lot of unexpected results among women, as the winners changed regularly from one tournament to another, but everything was quite predictable among men once again. The leading players were Djokovic, Nadal and (more rarely) Federer. This trinity has been leading the world ranking for over 10 years.

However, there are new names in men’s tennis. We can single out Daniil Medvedev who has clearly distinguished himself in the current season. This year, the main achievement of the Russian tennis player was reaching the final of the US Open.

Thanks to online betting, you can predict the success of his performances in the remaining competitions this year.

It is still difficult to rank Medvedev among the elite of the world of tennis, but he has quite good potential to reach a totally new level and to challenge recognized favorites, who still demonstrate a phenomenal level, in the long run.

The final of the US Open has shown this quite clearly – Medvedev had been fighting on the court with Rafael Nadal for more than 5 hours. Sport bets online – 1xBet is a really convenient way to predict the outcome of all the confrontations, because the attention here is paid to a lot of various events.

All tennis live for fans

Medvedev’s potential is really great, and the main thing for him is to stabilize his results for now. If he does this, then it will be completely possible for him to enter the top of the world ranking in the near future, because all the major stars of our time are already well over 30 and it is unlikely that they will be able to perform at the highest level for a very long time.

Thanks to tennis live https://1xbetbd.com/live/, it is easy to follow the new successes of tennis players. Speaking about the strengths of Medvedev, we can note:

· speed;

· excellent response;

· the ability to stay on the court properly.

And what is more, Daniil performs quite well on different surfaces, and it gives him a lot of advantage. Discover tennis live and always learn a lot more about events that interest you and watch the competitions that take place in different corners of the globe in real time. Until the end of the season, there are not so many of them left, and thanks to this reliable resource, none of them will pass you by.

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