There are several terminologies associated with the fall protection and one keenly needs to know as which type of fall protection anchor systems and their solutions are suitable for their needs. Fall protection is the associated means or support that prevents and protects the workers from falling from heights. Depending upon the height factor, the fall protection anchor system also varies and provide due protection to both the workers as well as the people working nearby.

Generally, we find workers at the construction sites working on scaffolds, ladders and other means which do not have protected sides and edges. Now, the question arises as what is the role of the owners in this case? Unless and until right type and systems are installed, safety cannot be promised to the workers.

Different Fall Protection Anchor Systems and Their Solutions

Fall arrest, fall restraint and fall protection are three basic terms that one should particularly know before moving towards the different types of fall protection Anchor systems and their solutions.

  • Fall restraint is the system that provides all access to the workers to perform their duties but often prevents them from approaching the fall point. These are generally installed at a hazardous place where the workers are bound to work. For example: maintenance of gutters at the edge of roofs, working at the fragile roofs, lighting and so on.
  • Fall arrest provides maximum comfort and safety to the workers while conducting their duties. If the person reaches the fall point, fall arrest saves the person from falling while providing self-rescue features.
  • Fall protection is the form of barrier created between the hazard and the person that prevents the person working at the site from falling. It is available in different types and even installed manually for short durations.

Have a Look upon Distinct Fall Protection Anchor Systems and their Solutions

Guardrails and handrails: this type of fall protection anchor system and their solutions are generally meant for the elevations. Slip and fall from the scaffold is the most common type which is guarded by vertical barrier named guardrails and a handhold support named handrails.

Personal fall arrest equipment: This protection system is the part of the general construction industries. The personal fall arrest equipment is generally used in those regions where fall protection anchor system and their solutions can’t be installed. These are composed of lanyards and anchorage devices that help the employees to work safely without having the fear of falling.

Scissors lift: This is the type of scaffolding that provides usual support to the structure and safety to the workers as well. Many manufacturers supply scissors lift with inbuilt guardrails that provide extra support and safety.

Slip resistant floors: regions at high traffic should remain clear from the tools, debris and other slippery materials that can lead to fall. Apart from this, it would be wise to install slip resistant floors. Such options are included that are textured or punched thus making the surface enough slip resistant.

The type of fall protection anchor system and their solutions that you are choosing should not indulge high maintenance cost. It is the responsibility of the employers to select the protection-type appropriately.

Certain technical terms should be known like threshold height. In other words, unless and until proper inspection is done, appropriate system cannot be installed. As an employer, some effective steps should be taken in regard to the safety and security of the employees. However, it is equally important to provide complete training to the employees so that they can perfectly use it at the time of hazardous risks. The equipment installed should be compatible as well as easy to operate.

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