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6 Out-of-The-Box Rakhis to Surprise Your Brother This Raksha Bandhan

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With the auspicious festival around the corner, you must be surfing the internet or asking your acquaintances for the best rakhi suggestion. Aren’t you? Well, to help you find a perfect rakhi for your brother that can ensure a beaming smile on his face, this article brings you a list of six out-of-the box rakhis that are sure to build your bond stronger with your brother this Raksha Bandhan:

Silver Bracelet Rakhi

As the name suggests, silver bracelet rakhis are crafted with the Silver metal. A silver rakhi makes one of the unique rakhis because the color and lustre of Silver metal are loved by men. Plus, when it comes in a bracelet form, men really love it to flaunt on their wrist. So, if you choose a silver bracelet rakhi for your brother, chances are that it will put a bright smile on your brother’s face.


If you live miles apart from your brother and your brother cannot make it home on raksha Bandhan then, you can send him a E-rakhi and make him feel specail. There a variety of E-rakhis available online and the best part is that you can also customize or craft a rakhi for your brother as per your preference. So, for those brothers and sisters who are seperated by distance, e-rakhi makes the best rakhi.

Name Initial Rakhi

If you want to add a personal touch of love, care, and affection to your rakhi gift then, buy a name initial rakhi for your brother. A name initial rakhi is crafted or designed with the initial of the recipient beautifully. This rakhi conveys the love and care of the sender to the receiver in a special way. Plus, these rakhis look cool and also make a style statement.

Musical Rakhi

If you are looking for a fancy rakhi for your brother then, you should definitely go for a musical rakhi. Musical rakhi contains sensors in it and thus it starts playing a music when the rakhi gets touched with the wrist. Usually, the central portion of the rakhi bears designs. Musical rakhis come in a variety of designs and shapes. So, make sure to pick the best one for your brother.

Superhero Rakhi

For your younger brother who is a huge huge fan of all the superheroes, there are a wide variety of superhero rakhis available both online and offline. From Spiderman to Superman, all types of superhero rakhis are available in the market. So, if you want to really surprise your younger brother with something interesting this Raksha Bandhan, get a superhero rakhi for him.

Paper Quilling Rakhis

Paper quilling rakhis are one of the most beautiful handmade rakhis that are made of colored papers. The best part of these rakhis is that these are eco-friendly. Plus, these are light-weighted rakhis so your brother wouldn’t at all feel that he is actually wearing something on his wrist. The thread of the rakhis are generally made out of silk or cotton and whereas the designs of the rakhi are made of quilling paper items.

So, these were some out-of-the-box rakhis that can brighten up your Raksha Bandhan celebrations and make your brother feel super special.

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