Since last week Bigg Boss Season 11 best buddies Aakash and Puneesh, have turned out to be at each other neck while things don’t seem to be subside and can go worse as long as they stay on the show.

Bigg Boss like always will ask all the contestants in the house to mutually agree, and nominate 3 members in the house who have been the worst performers last week. And after a long break it is decided that Puneesh and Bandagi will face the jail this time. Arguments for the nominations that were given turned out to raise so high, that the nominees refuse to accept the tag of the worst performers and retaliate it in their own way.

Early this week Puneesh and Aakash turned out to have an ugly tiff where Puneesh threw a slipper at Aakash, and tonight again while deciding on the luxury budget the two get into an ugly fight. It is during this fight Aakash will call Puneesh as Swami Om that will further escalate things and the angry Puneesh turns out to call him as Impotent.

Have a look at the video right here:

Continuing to be angry with Aakash, Puneesh turns to reveal the darker side of him, and says that he will start throwing all the belongings of Aakash from the Bigg boss house. Bandagi will also lash out at Arshi for involving her in all those situations where it was not required, and goes on to say that Arshi and Aakash are the two peas in the pod.

Later Puneesh even throw away the glass that is kept beside him and damages the entire property, which is otherwise not allowed in the contract. Now with so much of vandalism in the house we really wonder if Puneesh will be thrown away from the Bigg Boss House, or will he get eliminated this week for being so violent in the house.

Stay Tuned.

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