By Umer Farooq

If you are concerned about your child’s safety while using their iPhones or browsing the internet, perhaps this Kidgy Parental Control app can help you. This app will make your parenthood easier since it was created to help parents manage and understand their kid’s screen time and online activity remotely.

To all parents out there are you aware that:

· Seventy-one percent of teenagers hide their online activity

· Twenty-one percent of teenagers share their contact number on different social media sites

· Seventy-one percent of teenagers admit that they are being bullied online

Now that you know, you should now make a move on how to secure your child’s safety. As we all know, the internet is considered as the second home of many teenagers aside from school. But there is no doubt, that it is one of the great places your children should visit to communicate and learn, yet it has dark sides.

The web or internet made children visible to cyber dangers such as interactions with online slayers, identity theft, cyberbullying, violent games, and sexting. And worst they will be redirected to adult websites that containpornographic content.

As a solution Kidgy Parental Control app is created in order help parents to secure their kid’s safety, as what was mentioned a while ago. This app has several features that help will help you to track your child’s online activity. For better understanding here are the different and useful features of Kidgy Parental Control App;


According to, the kidgy panic button app is a useful Kidgy feature, especially for emergency purposes. This feature allows your kid to inform you instantly about their locations when an emergency happens. Once the button is pressed you will receive special messages together with the exact location of your child through GPS. If you received this message, it means your child is seeking for your help.


Most of the time, you are very curious about your child’s text messages. However, you don’t have the opportunity to see these messages because your child doesn’t want to show them. But because of Kidgy, you can now check their messages easily and without feeling embarrassedsince you can view your child’s conversations remotely. Not only that, even the deleted messages can be viewed to ensure that they are chatting with good people.


If you’re an observant parent, perhaps you always watch your kid’s attitude while using his/her device or having a phone call. Sometimes they feel irritated and upset and sad to say they don’t even bother sharing it with you. As a parent, you feel very worried about your child, but now you don’t need to worry because Kidgy is here to help you. You can now access your kid’s call logs and view your child’s regular callers, and if you find it horrible you can automatically block that unwanted person to protect your child from danger.

Aside from these, Kidgy also features daily scheduler planner a virtual schedule between kids and parents. As well as, controlling internet activity, manage app’s usage, determine your child’s current location, and geo-fencing for setting safe zones.


Parents should also discuss the following Kidgy features with their children so that they will know how to use them on the other hand. Most importantly, don’t forget to remind them that when using an internet they need should know their limitations and don’t ever communicate withstrangers.

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