So apparently, there’s more to the release of WWE tag team wrestler Simon Gotch than just an agreement between performer and company.


Based on information released from different media outlets, one half of the Vaudevillans tag team did not mesh well with talent or management leading to such an agreement. It’s not uncommon for situations like this to occur, especially after Gotch and his tag team partner Aiden English made the leap to the main roster last year. What makes things interesting is this behavior was tolerated so long.

It was reported that Gotch was egotistical, showed up late for assignments and left early during house and live events. That didn’t sit well with management especially when so much of the production of professional wrestling timing and rhythm. It turns out that English himself asked for the two to be separated for fear of him losing his job because of his partner’s poor performance.

Tag team wrestling was originally developed for programming to involve as many superstars on a roster as possible. It allowed bookers and creative teams to incorporate combinations of stars fans may not have seen in the ring together. It also led to the creation of titles, feuds and stables that we have come to know over the past four decades.

I recall a few years back in TNA in the Bound for Glory when Bully Ray posed the question to Bobby Roode and of James Storm – Have you ever thought what it would be like to face each other. The Beer Money tag team combination have been successful many years and won many titles. For those of us who are TNA enthusiasts, we know what happened with Roode turning on Storm highlighting a solid program. This isn’t the case with Gotch and English, rather separation was necessary for English to move forward.

Now comes the hard part for the company in trying to figure out what to do with the remaining half of the tag team combination. At times, it’s hard to go your own way. Tag team wrestling works at half time, I realize on somebody else to make the other half looks good. The art of the sell is never more important than it is in this segment of programming.

Jack and Gerry Brisco were a popular brother tag your team in the 70s and 80s but were also successful singles competitors. Dory and Terry Funk we’re both NWA world champions as well successful tag team competitors. And we all know Ole and Arn Anderson found success and titles both as singles and tag team champions.

While Gotch and English were successful in NXT, they had minimal success on the main roster. I’m sure when it comes right down to it, Gotch will take the fall. Some of the burden must be placed at the feet of WWE and how the team is booked. But in this case when one part of the equation fails, the duo suffers together.

I don’t know how this company repackages English. He is a talent who has made a living with somebody else in his corner. Maybe it works out that he becomes a mid-card success. But in all honesty, there is little to no chance he would ever reach any higher. The main event picture is jumbled enough. That’s not how he was trained and that’s not what WWE expects of him.

He might find success in another promotion like ROH or TNA. But if given the opportunity to succeed as one and not a duo there still little hope he will reach any higher than the middle of the latter.

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