Noson Nasal Dilator

What is the Noson nasal dilator?

After years of study into respiratory disorders, a Swiss start-up, NOSON AG, has created the Noson Nasal Dilator. The dilator aims to increase nasal ventilation, which has several benefits over mouth breathing. Air becomes sticky, sterile, and wet as it flows through the nasal passage. People with clogged nasal passages prefer to breathe from their mouths. The Noson Nasal Dilator helps these people breathe better from their noses. It opens the nostrils when inserted into them. It is easier to breathe from the nose if the nostrils are kept open.

Reasons for professionals to use Noson Nasal Dilator:

Breathing well is essential for good health and bodywork. About all of the body’s basic functions, such as metabolism, muscle activity, and brain control, depend on a steady oxygen supply, which is obtained by breathing. The oxygen is supplied to the target organs by the bloodstream after being inhaled. To satisfy the elevated oxygen requirement in athletes from cycling and MotoGP, tests have shown that nasal dilators have beneficial and performance-enhancing effects.

Following are some of the reasons for using Noson Nasal Dilator:

Improves the breathing process:

Nasal dilators work by lowering the resistance of the nasal airways, allowing for better nasal breathing. Whether external or internal, nasal dilators expand the nasal passages to allow more air to come in with each breath. When a nasal dilator is used during physical exercise, nasal pressure is reduced, and breathing is improved due to the reduced breathing effort. Trainers and athletes agree that having a nasal dilator can improve their breathing and help them get improved outcomes. Nasal dilators are used by many athletes from cycling ad MotoGP to improve their endurance, concentration, and attention.

Athletes need it:

Athletes who engage in athletic activity use more oxygen to fulfill their bodies’ needs. They will turn to mouth breathing to get more oxygen while they are physically involved. They will have to use nasal ventilation with additional oxygenation if they have a Noson nasal dilator since the dilation of the nostrils will ultimately allow sufficient air to penetrate. More oxygen can be transported until more breathing air is introduced, and the body receives the energy it requires to do better. The Noson nasal dilator is simple to use and fits comfortably during sports and other athletic exercises, thanks to its ergonomic nature. Internal nasal dilators, such as Noson nasal dilators, favor male and female athletes over external nasal dilators or strips. Internal nasal dilators are preferred because they fit snugly in the nose and have no adverse side effects. External nasal dilators, on the other hand, can detach due to sweating and cause skin irritation.

Improved athletes’ performance:

Athletes are physically healthy people who use their bodies all of the time when competing. The muscle will become fatigued and function poorly if it does not receive enough energy. The body’s metabolic rate rises during physical exercise to provide the extra energy required by the muscles. The body produces ATP (adenosine triphosphate) from oxygen. So, to generate more ATP (energy), the body needs more oxygen, which a Noson nasal dilator can provide. Many athletes use nasal dilators to enhance nasal ventilation and report that their success has improved dramatically as a result.


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