LED High Bay Lights

High Bay Lights were designed to be used in very high places to provide evenly distributed light for large open spaces. High Bay Lights from LED are commercial lighting fixtures with high ceilings. They can be used for large manufacturing facilities and gymnasiums as well as industrial lighting, warehouse lighting, and other commercial applications.

LEDs Meet Every Need of a Warehouse/Commercial Space

LED High Bay Light fixtures are ideal for applications in warehouses and commercial spaces that require high bay lighting.

This is what you should look for when purchasing LED High Bay Lights to illuminate your warehouse.

  • Design Layout
  • Lighting coverage and brightness
  • Proper color rendering
  • Longevity
  • Durability
  • Non-Toxicity
  • Cool Temperature

Why LED High Bay Lights

Energy-efficient – LEDs don’t consume too much energy to make light. High bay energy-efficient lights can reduce commercial costs, making them practical and more sustainable.

Low Maintenance Costs – LED High Bay Lights are L70 rated and can last up to 100,000+ hours. In commercial spaces, factories, and warehouses, fewer bulb replacements mean lower costs.

Electricity efficient – LEDs don’t consume much energy to produce light. This ultimately saves money on LED High Bays installed in commercial establishments.

High-quality LED High Bay Light fixtures are extremely durable and virtually unbreakable.

High Lumen Efficiency- It can produce more light than traditional lighting and even more lumens per unit area. This is due to its high CRI (Colour Rendering Index), which allows it to render objects’ colors as bright and vivid when illuminated.

Lifespan LED High Bays to have a longer lifespan than traditional high-bay lighting. They last for around 50,000 hours so they don’t need replacing for many years.

Cold Lighting Source – LEDs are a common type of cold lighting source. LEDs emit no heat when turned on, unlike other luminaires. They can save up to 20% on energy costs and reduce the need for air conditioning. Cold LED lighting fixtures offer a safer alternative to traditional Metal Halides.

Light Uniformity – LEDs have an 8% increase in light uniformity when compared to conventional lighting options. The LEDs provide the maximum lumens available instantly when you turn them on. The lights do not flicker or falter and there is no delay. The light output will not be affected no matter how many times the LEDs are turned on or off. Each LED chip in an LED array is of a specific intensity. This creates glare or makes the workspace very bright. This can be a problem for workers who are required to see up into the luminaire’s eyes. This can cause problems for drivers of fork trucks when stacking shelves higher than they are. Lighting designers must make a compromise between greater efficacy and better visual comfort.

Color Customization You can choose from a variety of colors and have them controlled individually via easily accessible software.

No Harmful Radiation-Traditional lighting can contain mercury vapor, which is dangerous to the health of people. However, LED High Bay lightings do not contain such harmful materials.

Safety –LED High Bay offers safety features that are superior to traditional high bay lighting. This is due to its lower fire and heat emissions rate.

Space Savings – LED High Bay lights are smaller than traditional high bay lamps. This allows you to save space for other purposes.

Eco-Friendly – LEDs do not contain hazardous materials like lead, mercury, or metal halide. It contains only certain metals that are safe for the environment.

LED High Bay Lights are suitable for many applications, including in a factory, warehouse, street, or airport runway lighting.

Lighting Performance –Lighting performance is also important when considering whether to switch to another lighting style.

Multi-point LEDs are designed to evenly spread light across a target surface. The result is that light levels will vary less between fixture mounting points on a given surface. There are many CCTs available for LEDs. These CCTs can be used to increase the brightness and even dispersion of light.


LED High Bay Lights offer many benefits in selecting the right light for your warehouse space. Because of their low power consumption and long life span, LED bulbs are more economical than traditional high-bay lights. With LED High Bay lighting, you can reduce the glare and artificial shadows caused by one light. LEDs are a great choice for warehouses looking to improve their lighting system without compromising quality or efficiency. They also save money on installation and ongoing energy costs. LED High Bay can also serve as LED Outdoor Lighting. Contact touch lighting today to get the best possible service.

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