Japan is one of the best countries to visit in Asia. It has a mix of culture, i.e., Eastern traditions and Western modernity, history and modern. They also have different varieties of food. Its landscapes attract tourists. Some reason is given below that why you should travel to Japan once in your life.


There is so much to explore in Japan. There are many popular places in Japan. There are amazing temples, forests, ponds, waterfalls, everything from nature that attracts you.

Safe country

Japan is ranked on the list of the top 10 safest countries to travel to. The crime rate is very low in Japan; they have taken control over many crimes.


Living in this modern era, the Japanese have a prominent touch of their culture. When you visit Japan, you must visit the temples and the castles. You will get a lot of interesting experiences from them.


There is a beautiful shrine in Kyoto named as Fushimi Inari shrine. There are a lot of temples and shrines in Japan as they worship Buddhism.


They have a unique modern style with a touch of their western culture. They have unique and modern restaurants, hotels, and a lot of things.


Because of Japan transportation system, it is very easy to travel in Japan. All trains and airplanes, everything is on time. They also have super trains; they are very fast and comfortable. If you are punctual, then this country is for you.


Japan has a very clean environment. There are a lot of forests in Japan. And all the cities are clean; you will not find a single wrapper on the streets. All hotels are clean and tidy and have a sweet fragrance.


The most eaten food, ramen, or sushi, is made in Japan. You will find their lovers in every country. And not only this, there are many other unique things in this country like matcha flavored sweets, matcha flavored, green tea, ice-cream, chocolates, cookies, even burgers are also available in that flavor. And not only this. You can also find many different KitKats in Japan, like pear, strawberry, wasabi, etc.


2/3rd of Japan is covered with forested mountains. There are waterfalls, hills, mountains, volcanoes, and many more things in Japan to discover.


The most famous architecture in Japan is their traditional style, which is still a uniquely Japanese style. All tourists enjoy the beauty of temples, shrines, and different other buildings.

Anime lover

Anime is made in Japan; every anime lover should visit this country. Japan is also famous for making video games. There are a lot of game areas in japan.

Themed restaurants

There are many adorable, themed restaurants in Japan. But some restaurants are crazy but are kind of cute, like Robot restaurant it is situated in Tokyo.

Heritage sites

Including 17 cultural sites and four natural sites, there are 21 heritage sites in Japan. Still, there are some sites which can be the heritage sites. 

An interesting fact about the name of Japan

The above will be some of good reasons why you should visit Japan.  It would be best to learn about the history and customs of Japan and a little Japanese before you actually travel there.  One question many people start to have when they learn about Japan is “Why is Japan called Japan?”  This question arises especially when they learn that the country’s name in Japanese is “Nippon”.  Well, you may be surprised to know that both Nippon and Japan (or similar words in other languages) have the same etymology which is the Chinese alphabets representing the meaning of words. The meaning of the word is “sun’s origin”. Japan is closer to the pronunciation of this word in Southern China back when Marco Polo traveled there and Nippon is the Japanese way of pronunciation of the same word. Just studying the etymology of country’s name can open its door to the history of its country. 

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