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Reasons to Use Commercial Curtains in Different Places

Whether you own a restaurant, a photo studio, a theater or any other commercial place, you must use proper window treatments to keep your customers comfortable, save energy and also keep debris and pests at bay. However, for large commercial places, these seem to be a fair challenge if you do not use the commercial curtains. There are lots of benefits of installing these curtains apart from mitigating the risks already mentioned in this article.

Benefits of Commercial Curtains

There are lots of benefits of using commercial curtains in different commercial places that can be enumerated and explained as under:

  • It will reduce building running cost – Traditional heating and cooling systems installed in commercial places are often very inefficient due to the ‘open door’ policy to invite customers. It invites unwanted cold or hot air from the outside along with the customers getting in or leaving the premise.  These curtains working in tandem with your existing HVAC system will reduce heat loss or gain within the building interior.
  • Happier staff: You will also be able to keep your staffs in the premises happy as too cold or a too hot environment will cause discomfort and thereby reduce their efficiency level. There will be fewer employee complaints, absenteeism, and turnover.
  • Healthy environment: Apart from the reduced energy bills, these curtains will promote a clean, fresh, healthy and hygienic working environment.
  • Reduce strain on HVAC – With the air temperature maintained inside well, it will cause less stress on your HVAC system. This will not only reduce the energy bill but will also add to the life of the system, on the whole, adding more value to your investment. Therefore, the investment you made in installing the commercial curtains will provide dual monetary benefits.
  • Reduce CO2 emissions – The reduced use and loss of energy will, in turn, reduce carbon dioxide emission produced therefore adding environmental safety.
  • Maintain energy rating – You will be able to abide by the set energy standards in your premise according to the Energy Performance Certificate.

Apart from all these, these air curtains will reduce pollution, increase visibility, and even help the disabled and trolleys in easy access. Therefore, with all such benefits, there is no doubt more and more restaurateur are investing on-air curtains which one of the most popular commercial curtains available in the market.

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Types to Choose From

From transparent to blackout commercial curtains there are different types of these you can choose from according to the type of commercial place you own. As clear air curtains are perfect for restaurants and bars, complete blackout curtains and roller shades are the best choices for laboratories and photography studios.

If you choose a reliable and reputable manufacturer to buy these curtains you will get customized curtains as well that will come with all necessary hardware and tracks. Easy to install these door and window treatments are able to provide 100% blackout solutions as no light can pass even through the seams.

You will have different styles and mount types in these commercial curtains along with a wide range of colors to match perfectly with your interior decor and color of the walls. Made from fabrics that are high quality these are also fire retardant making these safe as well.

Now that you know about the use and benefits of the commercial curtains, all you need to do is know your needs and preference and choose a reliable and reputable manufacturer to buy and install it in your commercial space.

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