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Regular Season Baseball comes to a military base

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On July 3rd, the Atlanta Braves are playing the Miami Marlins in a historic game. It is historic because they are playing at Fort Bragg in North Carolina. It will be the first professional contest to take place at an active military base. They ended up building a 12,500 seat stadium and it is expected to sell out. This scenario is getting compared to the film Field of Dreams as both stadiums were built from nothing in a short amount of time. It was announced this past Tuesday that you can view the game at 8 pm est/  5 pm pst on Sunday Night Baseball on ESPN. This game is a way for Major League baseball to pay back to the military who they have had a long, lasting relationship that has gone over the years. What will be interesting to see is if other sports like the NHL, NBA, and the NFL continue doing what MLB is doing tomorrow night.

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