An exclusive relationship entails fulfilling various needs such as physical, intellectual and emotional desires by one single partner. The absence of stimulating conversations as well as poor sexual performance normally subjects one partner not to make it official and exclusive with the other.

It has been noted with a lot of concern that nowadays people engage in dating without understanding the responsibilities expect of them to fulfill.

On top of that, exclusive relationship is highly embraced by numerous people although it is not endorsed by some theories. It is argued that dating multiple people at once can help you to identify faster what exactly you do or don’t like in a partner. Also, it can expose signs that one is not ready to be exclusive.

Below are the signs that you’re not ready to be exclusive with the person you’re dating:

7. You Are Not Getting Everything You Need From This One Person: In an exclusive relationship, one single partner should be responsible for meeting all the needs of the other partner. In most cases, some people have an insatiable needs and cannot tolerate various issues especially sexual related problems such as low libido since there will be no satisfaction. Also, it has been said that a single person cannot possess all the traits required and therefore it is wise to date several so as to select the best.

In addition, people have different intentions while indulging in dating. However, it takes patience as well as understanding one another without dwelling too much on the weaknesses. Consequently, nowadays people care about their needs and concentrate their focus on where they get everything they desire. This has broken many relationships.

6. You Get Excited About Dating Other People: If you are more excited and highly connected by the potential of the first date with someone new, this suggests you are lacking something in the previous relationship. Some people claim that normal is boring and this drives them to date various people in order to gain a chance of enjoying various privileges such as tantric sex positions. Also, some partners may be introverts and this may hinder the other partner to enjoy the real benefits of having an extra-full social life.

Also, dating is all about sharing of thoughts, feelings, and happiness. If this is not demonstrated fully, one will be forced to stick to the other people who can fulfill them. It has been found that if one gets satisfied and excited with something from another person however small it is, then it becomes difficult to stop them.

5. You Don’t Want Anything Serious: Being part of the relationship means checking on one another often, planning dates together as well as being available to offer support and love. If this is not revealed, then it means you are not ready to move on with that person. This mostly occurs when one partner is going through a lot in life and it becomes difficult to take the relationship seriously.

Also, when it comes to the matters of trust and commitment, you find that a person is trying to avoid them all through. There are numerous factors that can render an individual not to be serious in a relationship. Some studies reveal that most men rely on semenax in order to gain sexual power, which this does not please their partners since they consider it as a sexual dysfunction.

4. You Are Into Prioritizing Yourself At The Moment: If you realize you are enjoying most when alone, then consider staying single and investing in yourself. In many cases, such people focus on their career, personal life, and academic studies and have no time for relationships. In case you fall into this category, you should enjoy your lifestyle and avoid engaging in relationships because they will not work out for you.

Also, individuals who like being unattached and having the flexibility to do everything on their own schedule are also not ready to for a serious relationship. Therefore, it is advisable to weigh yourself if you are fit for dating before engaging into one. You must be prepared both mentally and psychologically so as to focus fully on dating matters.

3. Your Friends And Family Tell You To Take A Break From Dating: Even if it is important to be in tune with your own emotions, sometimes it is good to listen to those closest to you. Personal and self-help development can offer useful information but without having other people involved, superficial understanding cannot be transformative when it comes to learning how to maintain healthy relationships. Therefore, it is good to take advice from others before it becomes too late.

Moreover, in case you doubt other people’s opinions, seek help from your partner and if it doesn’t work, just quit the relationship. There must be something detrimental that must have triggered or attracted other people to warn you.

2. You Can Never Be Faithful: Cheating is viewed differently in every relationship. If you find out that you are cheating on people consistently even while in love with them, figure out what is making you stray. On the other hand, a happy person whose needs are fulfilled cannot be tempted to leave.

Normally, partners who extend infidelity in their relationship are usually mistreated and roughly handled. Therefore, if you cannot stick to one partner, then you are not ready for dating. Those who engage in cheating end up wasting other people’s time and leads to broken relationships

1. You Keep Making The Same Dating Mistakes: Negative dating patterns reveal that you are not in a good position to be dating at the moment. Although people blame others for saying all men cheat or women are too needy, it is good to take personal responsibility for the situation before it turns worse. Seeking help from accredited individuals such as a psychologist can help to unpack the past and impact a more helpful and constructive dating mindset.

Additionally, one may choose to make recurring mistake intentionally with aim of hurting their partners. If you exercise this all the time without caring about your partner’s feelings and reactions, then you should stop dating them. It is horrible to play with one’s feelings and wasting their time as well.

Conclusion: Dating is a stage where people engage in romantic relationships, with intention of assessing each other’s suitability as a prospective partner in an intimate relationship or marriage. It usually consists of social activities done by both partners together. In the course of dating, various aspects such as physical characteristics, financial status, and personality are judged and as a result, confidence can be shaken and feelings can get hurt.

According to various studies, dating tends to be exceedingly hard for people with commitment issues. The basis for long-term relationships is being faithful, devoted and focused on one partner. Also, in case you feel you cannot fit or continue dating, just quit before being a burden on the other partner.

Alternatively, it is advisable to engage experienced people like therapist and psychologist to help in addressing the emerging issues in a relationship. This will help to prevent people from breaking up following unnecessary matters that happen day in day out. Ultimately, always evaluate yourself before starting dating someone to avoid unpleasant dramas in life.

Author BIo: Ben Arnold is a freelance writer and health advisor from past 6 years. Through his advanced studies, he has gain enormous experience in this field. In his free time, he loves to read books and enjoy music. You can Follow him on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Linked-In.

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