Now that the special someone you asked out has said yes, now you have to plan your memorable first date and make it special for them. It can be a nerve-wracking thing to do. You have to show how much interested you are without appearing to be trying too hard. Also, you wouldn’t want to invest a lot in a relationship that might not work out. To help you get a perfect first date, here are some tips that are realistic and based on true experience.


The Perfect Location

The location sets the tone of your date. The best location should be neutral and without much pressure unless you know exactly what your date likes. Always pick a location that’s not noisy so that you can connect to each other and get to know each other.

It will be awkward if you find out that you don’t really connect with each other even before the dinner starts. Both of you will feel stuck for the rest of the meal. So, for the first date, instead of a dinner or a movie, pick a local bar or a coffee shop. In that casual environment will act as a catalyst for engaging conversation and there will be no pressure and will not be expensive as well. It also gives you a chance to walk out if you don’t feel up to it.


An Engaging Conversation Is a Must

If you have social anxiety or are a quiet type of person, having a good conversation is going to be the hardest thing for you. So, for an engaging conversation, forget all the cheesy pick-up lines. Pick conversation starters that show you are curious, cultured, and intelligent.

Always reciprocate to the person you are conversating with. If the person has asked a question to you or has shared some experience with you, revert by asking the same question or sharing a similar experience. Keep the flow on once you started talking. Who knows, your partner might like you opening up with them and in turn that turns out to be your memorable first date?


Remember Lessons from The Past

If you have had bad dating experiences in the past, rather than dwelling on its negativity, focus on the lesson you can learn from them. Try to bring something to the table instead of expecting something from the others first. Learn to read the signs and adopt the behaviour that shows your best self. Be what you hope your date will see you like.


Body Language Is Important

You not only communicate with words but with body posture as well. In fact, body language is the loudest language you communicate with. Here are a few things you must always remember:

  • If you are interested in what your date has to say, lean in and tilt your head towards him/her.
  • Crossing your arms indicates you are finding your date either boring or hostile. It also shows uneasiness, shyness or insecurity. It also shows you feel threatened by your date.
  • If the foot of your date is facing away from you, change the subject of your conversation. It shows they aren’t interested in the ongoing topic.


Other body languages include mirroring, that is you subtly copy the behaviour of the person you are with. Then there is fronting where your face to toe faces your partner. When you lean towards your date, it shows interest. In fact, all these gestures show you are interested in your date. These are just a few signs. You should look for these gestures in your partner as well. It will tell you how the date is going for both of you.

Keeping in mind these first date tips will help you in having a wonderful and memorable first date. These tips always work, so, keep them in mind and enjoy the moment being you on your date.

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