Texting culture has become rampant today, brought on by a rapid shift in how we communicate with one another. Technology has made it easy to talk to people on a very different level, and the benefits have been embraced all over the world. People without a lot of spare time or those who might feel awkward on the phone or in person now have other options.

It’s no wonder that we’ve watched texting become more sexual over the years, especially when it’s so easy and convenient. SextPanther is an adult website that taps into the power of texting, and it didn’t take long for it to grow to millions of users.


Adult Entertainment Today

There are numerous platforms on which sexting is already taking place, such as WhatsApp, Snapchat, and Kik. SextPanther is not another app to download onto your phone; rather, it is a unique and secure adult website with the ability to communicate directly via SMS messages. On this platform, content creators and fans can converse with one another and engage in different types of communication and topics from their mobile phone or laptop.

While texting is the most popular type of communication, content creators also have the option to sell photos, videos, phone calls, and video calls. Some users will sign up purely for texting services, while others will want to take their membership to the next level.


How Content Creators Charge

Content creators are paid from the SextPanther Credits spent on them by fans. SextPanther is free to join for users, but to communicate with different content creators, users must purchase a credit package ranging from $2 to $500. Content creators are in charge of their own marketing, giving them more freedom to customize a side hustle in whatever way they choose.

Open to professionals and amateurs with an established following in the adult industry, content creators found that SextPanther was a valuable source of extra income during a particularly difficult year. For many users, the experience was priceless. The relief and escape that a person feels when giving into a fantasy can be a real release during times of immense stress. This service was that much more valuable to users during COVID-19, especially when you consider how long the isolation stretched out.

Content creators can give away their phone numbers for free while setting their rates per text, per photo/video, or per minute on a phone call or video call. SextPanther also sets up options for content creators, so they can tailor their marketing based on their financial goals. For instance, a creator who’s just joined the site may try to stand out by lowering their rates in an attempt to build a customer base, which then gives them more opportunities to engage with more users. Or they might choose to select premium rates, which may limit the number of customers but weed out lower spenders.

Content creators are never asked to provide their personal numbers but are instead given a vanity phone number when they sign up. It’s free for users to search the accounts after signing up to learn more about the site and the kinds of content creators on it. Once they’re drawn to a particular account, they’ll be given the option to upgrade their membership by purchasing credits.


Why Is SextPanther Different?

SextPanther has managed to stand out from its competitors by thinking differently about how it treats the people on the site:


  • More freedom: SextPanther does have terms and conditions for everyone who joins, but the amount of flexibility is notable. Content creators who only want to text with fans simply say so upfront. Users who want to keep costs down have an array of options to do so. Either way, it’s easy to customize your experience with SextPanther.
  • Transparency and courtesy: Many companies cut corners when it comes to customer service. From poor communication to confused staff, the effects can reach farther than any business owner could have predicted. SextPanther has a knowledgeable and friendly team of people who know how to answer user’s questions and troubleshoot any issues that may arise.
  • Privacy and security: A lack of privacy on an adult website is a deal breaker for anyone who joins, and few people take this requirement as seriously as the staff at SextPanther. The personal data that both fans and content creators part with is always treated with the utmost respect. Building a virtually unhackable website wasn’t easy, but it also wasn’t up for debate.


The Screening of Content Creators

SextPanther will never ask a content creator to provide a credit card number to join. They are also automatically paid twice a month based on their interactions with fans. SextPanther screens all creators to eliminate any bots or catfish accounts by verifying the creators legal IDs and comparing it against their online social presence. Catfish accounts are, unfortunately, relatively common in the adult industry and dating space.

For SextPanther, though, this is not the kind of experience that the staff wants its users to have. When a user browses a model’s account, they’re getting a sense of who the content creator is and whether their expertise aligns with what they’re looking for. If users had to worry about having whether or not the profiles are legitimate, the website wouldn’t last long.


The Reality of Texting

Texting is undeniably here to stay. It’s a fun, convenient, and relatively undemanding way to keep in touch with people, but there’s also an adult element to it that we’ve seen play out for years now. SextPanther provides content creators with an outlet for their writing chops and gives fans a way to get lost in a harmless escape – if only for a few minutes.

People have praised SextPanther for respecting its content creators and users more than other types of adult websites do. From the ease of use to the privacy it provides, people aren’t pressured to pigeonhole themselves when they sign up.



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