Traditional media VS Social media: 5 most common Myths about them

Social media is no doubt a new sensation which has become very popular, very quickly but social media experts still have to learn some marketing basics. Social media has enjoyed tremendous growth recently. However, the importance of traditional media cannot be ignored. Initially, some business executives were reluctant to use this new phenomenon but this is rapidly changing. It is a new entrant in digital marketing and for this very
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Top 10 Social Media Tools Brand are Using to Succeed in 2019

Although the internet and technology advances of the last decade have made marketing so much easier for brands, it has also made the industry just as competitive. Door-to-door marketing is reaching a gradual end as companies employ more and more internet marketing practices into their work agenda. We stand at the dawn of a social media takeover, which has changed the way people, businesses and customers alike, view marketing. Being
Social Media In Higher Education
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Social Media In Higher Education: Strategies, Benefits, And Challenges

The world has gone digital, and everything from how we purchase goods and services to how we learn has changed. Technology has brought many advantages that have made the world smaller and more manageable. The birth of social media platforms, just like other aspects of technology, has come with its pros and cons. According to, social media has influenced the way the educational system works. It has improved the
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How Social Media is Changing the Face of Art Industry?

Social Media is changing the way art dealing is being done. The art industry is one of the most unregulated markets. Social media art dealing just makes this market a little transparent to both the artist and the collector. Let us understand how social media is changing the market of art for both artists and collectors. Advantages of Social Media for Artists: Direct Audience Reach: The power of reaching to
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Social media is weathering the storm perfectly

The Man used to carry a certain tool for his amusements throughout history. These tools decide where and how he is going to spend his leisure time. There were various plays like playing polo like game but with the use of elephants, hunting, fishing and archery etc. But with the passage of time leisure underwent many changes and now it adopt its current shape that is worldly acknowledged as ‘social
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Marketing: 5 Creative Ways To Increase Brand Awareness Using Social Media

Social media channels are popular than ever. They are not limited to people building social contacts anymore. Today, all reputable brands have a social presence which provides them with a unique platform to connect with their audience. Majority of people spend hours on social media, creating a window of opportunity for businesses to interact with them. Small business owners often look for affordable tools such as an online logo maker.
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How Big Data can Fuel your Online Business

Data analysis can often become a cumbersome endeavour, especially when you’re simply looking to generate new insights or are simply trying to build an overall picture of the performance of your online business. With endless amounts of data structured into rows and columns in Excel spreadsheets, data analysis can be a mundane and time-consuming task. However, there’s still a great deal of value in the application of that data, when
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How Long Does It Take for Search Engine Optimization to Show Results?

By Michael Yunk SEO professionals are quite used to getting questions like "how soon can we see results?" from business owners. Those who are not familiar with how search engine optimization works often have a genuine concern about how effective it is. When investing a good chunk of money in online marketing, business owners like to make sure that the services are going to yield an impressive ROI. Quick SEO
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Here is How You Can Perform Google Places Optimization for Your Business

By Lalit Sharma Today, most costumers are using mobile devices to search for information on the Internet. They are using these devices to perform local mobile searches. As such, local searches are more common than any other type, prompting online marketers to adapt and find out how they can incorporate a local search marketing strategy. A study performed by ComScore indicated that a total of 3 billion search entries contain
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Promotional Products: What Information Should We Use?

By Mike John One of the first things you learned about promoting your small business is that having something to give prospective clients makes a positive impression. Along with deciding what sort of promotional products are appropriate, there’s the matter of deciding what sort of information should be printed or embossed onto those products. Here are some essentials to keep in mind along with a couple of suggestions that are