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Relax With A Large Bathroom Bathtub – Where To Find And What To Buy

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When you have a really good sized bathroom it makes sense to buy a large bathtub to make the most of the space. The average bath (of any design) is around 60 inches long, but larger baths are generally at least 72 inches. There are few limits on what you can get away with, so take a look at the following tips and advice on what kind of tubs you could buy, and where you can find them.

Play with the floor plan
You may have a large bathroom space to fill but it is still important to make the best use possible of it. One of the easiest ways to do this is to decide exactly what kind of bathroom furniture you want in there, apart from the tub. Look online for guides to the approximate sizes of these items, and then cut out some paper into shapes to represent each item, cut to scale of course. Presuming you know the size of your bathroom these can be invaluable in helping you plan. Try placing the items into different layouts until you find one which makes sense and uses the space well. [You will need to account for issues like water supplies – if you are not sure how this affects things ask an expert for advice.]

Look at ‘jumbo baths’
These are the height of soaking luxury with their extra deep interiors. They are usually made from either steel or acrylic, and you can choose between a single or dual ended tub – perfect for sharing!

Fall for a freestanding model
Large bathrooms are the absolute perfect space for a huge freestanding bath, and there are lots of design options to choose between. Plus, freestanding tub installation is pretty simple with the right instructions. So whether you go for a Victorian look or something more contemporary you can’t lose. This is a go-to choice for those who like adding little extra touches to their rooms too, as there are lots of fabulous add-ons like bath feet which you can play around with.

Be square!
Most baths are rectangular, and that is fine if one person wants to stretch out in it, but if you enjoy sharing a larger bath go for a square design. If you can’t find one a super-sized corner bath works well too.

Where to find a really nice large bathtub
The obvious place to start looking is online, if only for ideas and inspirations. Sites like Pinterest will have plenty of material to get you started. If you plan to hire someone to design and fit your bathroom, or have the skills to do it yourself, then you could choose to buy the bath online. However, if possible it’s good to see the bath in person if you can.

Store bought
You can go straight to a specialist bathroom store if you know you definitely want something out of the ordinary, or look at more general home improvement /DIY outlets. For a standard design the superstore is likely to be the cheapest, but there may not be much variety and very little, if anything, that is unique or different. The specialist store, on the other hand, should have bigger sized baths, but you can expect to pay more.

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