Engagement Party

The Smart Way To Celebrate A Lifetime Commitment

Celebrating an engagement is a big deal. Not only is it a fabulous opportunity to get your loved ones together, for a (hopefully) once in a lifetime celebration, but it can be considered somewhat of a “dress rehearsal” for your wedding.  Which means you want to be prepared.

So before you pick a theme, book a venue, or even put on a ring, consider these five ideas that are guaranteed to improve your pre-wedding event.

1. Choose an engagement ring together

Engagement Party

Every marriage should start out with the bride and groom on the same page, and let’s be honest, that really starts with the engagement. People are letting go of old-fashioned ideas about surprises, responsibilities, and gender roles when it comes to future planning, so why not choose a ring together? It will give you a great story to tell at your engagement party! The best part is, you may not even need to leave the house. Just do some preliminary research on the style and cut you prefer, and then shop for a wholesale diamond together. The whole process will be easy, collaborative, and is bound to yield fantastic results!

2. Plan a party that reflects who you are as a couple

Weddings, in general, are beginning to turn into more relaxed, personal affairs…and your engagement party should be no different! If you are an outdoorsy couple, host a party outdoors. If you both love to travel, consider a “Worldwide Destinations” theme. Remember that this night is about you and your partner, so explore some of the amazing engagement party ideas out there, and put together an event that really reflects you.

3. Turn your bar into a buffet

Engagement Party

Springing for a full open bar can get pretty expensive. Instead, why not choose your favorite drink, and turn it into a part of the entertainment? You can easily set up a mimosa bar with different types of juice, a bloody mary bar with a litany of garnishes, or even a craft brew bar with some of your favorite beers. It will give your guests something to explore, have fun with, and talk about all while saving you money.

4. Set up an “open mic”

Weddings can be busy and hectic, and very few people actually get to say something about the couple. Your engagement party offers a fantastic opportunity to open the floor to anyone and everyone you want to hear from. If your loved ones have a message for you, invite them to say a few words at your engagement party. That way on your wedding day, everything will move along smoothly and no one will be left with words unspoken.

5. Turn your engagement party favor into your save-the-date

Everyone loves a party favor, and personalization offers such a nice touch that it seems silly not to combine the two ideas. You can hire a photo booth and work your wedding date into the backdrop so that everyone leaves your party with a reminder of the big day. Or you can hand out cozies with your names and date printed on them. The possibilities are almost endless, but one thing is guaranteed – no one will forget your engagement party or your wedding!=

When it comes to engagement parties, there is no “one size fits all” answer. So gather ideas, make some original plans, and most importantly…have fun!


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