Have you ever looked at the hair care aisle in your local supermarket and asked yourself, which one of these is the answer to all my problems? Each product proclaims proudly that they have got the perfect product for you. And yet, you’ve tried them all, haven’t you? But to no avail, your hair fall shows no signs of stopping. It’s not just you; approximately 35 million men 21 million women start suffering from hair loss around the age of 35.

Most folks will try vehemently to save their hair by using various products, but as the hairline shows no signs of stopping to recede, most will accept it as natural aging. But if it were ‘simply aging,’ it would have affected everyone the same, wouldn’t it? So clearly, something is missing from the equation. There are many products on the market that claim to have found the elusive answer to all hair care problems. The latest one is a super cocktail of ingredients called as Revifol.

 Here is a comprehensive Revifol review that details all aspects on the product and tells you everything you need to know before you buy it.


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What causes hair loss?

Hair loss or balding has had scores of studies done on it. There is no real consensus as to what causes hair loss. There are reasons such as stress or disease conditions, but the most attributed factor is usually hereditary. When you cross over into adulthood, your hair strands start to thin out, breaking away with the slightest of combing. For men, the first signs are a bald spot or a receding hairline; for women, it’s often the reduction in volume that sparks the first signs.

There’s also the multitudes of products men and women use on their hair alike made of chemical substances that decrease the overall strength of your hair. An average American will spend 80$ every year on hair care products alone. Factor in the expensive salon treatments that guarantee to save your hair, and the cost can often cross over to 200$.

With more and more people suffering from hair loss, the hair care industry has grown exponentially and is now worth a whopping 85.5 billion USD.

So, what exactly is the process that is at the root of the problem?

Research according to the American hair loss association claims that hereditary factors are some of the most common causes of hair loss and balding in men. The underlying process of balding has been found to be caused by an enzyme produced in men called Dihydrotestosterone (DHT) which is responsible for weakening the hair follicles, making them brittle and easier to break. DHT is converted from testosterone with the help of 5-Alpha reductase enzyme (5-ARD).

How does Revifol stop hair fall?

Its mechanism is based upon the formula of blocking ARD which they claim instantly reduces your hair fall. It is said to be the one-stop-all solution.

ARD is naturally present in our body, but there are some diets that can also increase the levels of ARD in the body, such as by high carbohydrate diets and sugars, a staple in western culture of fast foods. This is one reason why hair loss is getting more common in the West compared to eastern or middle eastern countries, where there is marginally less consumption of such diets. Sure, you can alter your diet entirely, but by the time you realize that it’s high time to cut out the carbs, the damage may already be done.

Hair loss is a serious problem that must be addressed during its early stages. So many people spend their good years with hairline looking like George Costanzo, lacking confidence, losing self-esteem, the ripple effect it can have on you can be pretty enormous. Many people complain about how their appearance affects their relationships. This can also negatively affect your career since losing confidence can put you on the back foot when competing with the world. One of the many reasons the billion-dollar industry thrives is because they know how vital external appearances can be in every sphere of life.

Hair loss can be frustrating. You’re in the prime of your life when you start to see that first tuft of hair fall out. You may ignore it at first, but then it just keeps happening. Before you know it, you’re looking in the mirror at someone else. It’s not that image of you of old; those youthful locks have disappeared. It’s not your fault, but does it have to remain this way? No. In this day and age of science, with technology having come so far, hair fall shouldn’t be accepted as untreatable.

The real question that needs to be asked is, is Revifol safe to use? The ingredients of Revifol are quite encouraging as they are all naturally sourced. Some of the therapies they have 1included in Revifol are quite well known to the cultures they have been sourced from. And the mechanism of blocking ARD is quite intuitive when you think about it.


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Why haven’t I heard about this before?

There could be multitude of reasons for that, however some sources have claimed that since Revifol is competing with the big boys of the hair care market, they do not want a one stop all solution to enter the fray. They’ve worked hard to build narratives around their products. Advertisement and marketing cost alone cost them millions. The cost-effectiveness of Revifol is lucrative enough that once word gets out, there could be a massive surge in demand. Revifol customer reviews have been one of the prime sources of its advertisement.

Ingredient analysis

The makers of Revifol, who’re taking the hair care industry head-on, claim their product is made out of natural ingredients. One apparent benefit of it is that its all-naturalness reduces the chances of allergies and rashes that you could get through using cheap cosmetic products otherwise.

Vitamin c

When our body undergoes its natural metabolic processes, it releases many free radicals. These compounds are released in the blood circulation, where they have the property of causing damage to your skin and hair and increasing the overall aging process. Vitamin C acts upon these compounds as an antioxidant and destroys them, saving your precious hair follicles. It is important to note that Vit C is not synthesized in our own body, and therefore it needs to be taken through an external source.

Vitamin C also helps in maintaining your natural hair color and prevents it from turning grey.

Vitamin E

Vitamin E is another powerful antioxidant that is vital for your scalp. In hot, dry weather, when our skin is dehydrated, our scalp begins to crack. As we sweat, our pores get clogged with different materials such as dust, broken hair, and dandruff. This is detrimental to your hair health, and it affects everyone regardless of what hair type you have.

Vitamin E provides you the necessary nourishment and moisture that your scalp needs to stay hydrated.

When you give yourself perms or blow dry your hair regularly, you often weaken the roots, which results in split ends. Vitamin E has shown that it contains essential regrowth properties that you need. It also saves you from prematurely turning grey-haired.

Vitamin B6

Have you ever envied celebrities with out-of-the-world hair? That unnatural shine and volume aren’t impossible to achieve. You just need to find the suitable ingredient.

As proven by research in Korea and Britain, Vitamin E has been found to stop DHT activities, acting as a natural aid to blocking ARD. It also acts as a moisturizer by helping produce natural oils, saving grease, and clogging over your scalp. This helps keep your hair supple and voluminous.

Another secret benefit to including vitamin E is that it increases the blood supply to the scalp. This helps in the oxygenation of the scalp keeping it remarkably fresh and making your hair grow healthier than ever.


Oh, we’re sure you’ve heard a lot about this one. Almost every worthwhile product boasts of having Biotin in its formula these days.

Biotin is derived from the ancient Greek word “Biotos,” which means “Life.” And it is indeed life to the health of your hair.

The outer layer of your scalp is made up of proteins called Keratin. These proteins are the building blocks and the strength of your hair. They give it that strength that it needs to save it from breaking off easily. Biotin promotes the production of Keratin which in turn helps in the reproduction in cells. This allows you regrowth of hair.


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Calcium is an essential additive that has been added in Revifol because of its known properties to stop hair fall. It is a necessary ingredient for Vitamin D production and maintaining Iron levels that are essential for strengthening hair.

Vitamin D is needed for making new hair follicles and helping regrowth of hair. This is important for preventing bald spots in men and women alike.


You’re probably wondering how a mineral like zinc could be related to hair loss. Well, zinc is another such compound that is known to act as a 5-ARD blocker.

Apart from that, it also causes the strengthening of hair follicles. This is vital during the regrowth of new hair, which would otherwise be too weak and fall off. There is also growing evidence that zinc helps in the structural integrity of the hair strands and plays a vital role in DNA and RNA production.

It has also been found to slow the process of hair aging.


Methysulnoylmethane (MSM) is a natural organic compound sourced from fruits and wild herbs. It contains Sulphur and has been proven to benefit hair regrowth and treatment of Alopecia.

You might be surprised to know that the powerful properties of Sulphur have been known since biblical times when it was used in mixtures by prepared by herbalists for emperors.

Hydrolysed Collagen

Collagen is the building block of the human body. It maintains skin linings and hair integrity. But, as we grow older, the ability to produce collagen also diminishes. Thus, collagen is vital if we want to reverse the process of hair fall.

Citrus Grapeseed

Grapeseed is a vibrant natural ingredient full of OPCs (oligomeric proanthocyanidin complexes), which are natural antioxidants and that it affects the production of DHT.

Hydrolysed Keratin

Keratin is the protein that provides the overall tensile strength to the hair. By hydrolyzing Keratin, meaning breaking it down into smaller pieces, we make it easier to be absorbed through the hair. This protective coating also protects you from the toxic effects of gels and other substances.


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Amla fruit extract

Amla is a fruit grown in India similar to a gooseberry. It has often been described as a miracle worker for hair and has been part of traditional eastern medicine for generations. And now you can use it too.

Not only does it provide hair regrowth, but it also prevents the premature greying of hair and fights inflammation and any diseases on your scalp.


Hyaluronic Acid

It is a substance that is found naturally in the body. It is known to be a water loving; hydrophilic substance that can absorb water. This makes it very effective in keeping your scalp hydrated thus making sure the roots of your hair don’t become too brittle.


The final Revifol ingredient comes from the wisdom of ancient Japan. Wakame is a seaweed that has been cultivated for hundreds of centuries. Research has shown that it contains collagen, essential vitamins, and Omega-3 fatty acids that are amazing for hair growth, revitalization, and hydration.

So, there you have it, those are the ingredients to Revifol. According to the website it is a blend of some of the most potent therapies extracted from nature, from all around the world. Most of these substances have often been used individually by many cultures for generations. It is only now that this revolutionary product has created a mixture of all of them.

The people’s verdict

No product can claim its claims if it’s not backed by evidence. And the evidence here is customer reviews.

Let’s look at some Revifol reviews to see if it’s worked or not.


James Kater

James was suffering from a condition that caused sudden hair fall within a manner of weeks. He tried all the usual alternatives but to no avail. Until he discovered Revifol, and his life turned around.


Anna Barber
Anna was suffering from hair loss leading to her marriage being under threat. However, after taking Revifol she claims that her hair has regrown, and she’s got her life back on track


Mr Bennet

Mr Bennet was undergoing a bad divorce and losing hair was only making it worse to get back in the dating scene. He claims that once he’s started taking Revifol he’s got a head full of hair now.


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How to use Revifol

Usually, brands will market their product with specific instructions such as massage your scalp for 5 minutes, leave it in for the whole day, and wash it off after applying. However, Revifol requires no lengthy instructions. It’s just a pill that you take in seconds. Its dosage is simple, just take two capsules a day and be sure to chug a lot of water.

Most consumers use it for 4-6 months for the best results.


There are three exciting and profitable packages of Revifol available on the official website. Take a look at these:


A 30-day supply costs $69, and its original price is $99. A very minimal shipping fee will be taken.

A 90-day supply is for $177, and its original price is $297. No shipping fee is needed for US residents.

180-day supply is for $294, and its original price is $594. Shipping in the US is free.

To add a cherry on the top, the Revifol supplement has a 60-day money-back guarantee.


Where to buy Revifol?

Head to the official website of Revifol for the best prices, refund, bonuses, services and more.


Does Revifol really work?


There’s no denying that Revifol is a product that has been designed by backing through scientific understanding. It is made from materials already known to benefit hair growth for centuries. In essence, it is an amalgamation of all those unique ingredients. The benefits of Vitamins and minerals have been well documented. Antioxidant properties, increasing blood flow, hydration of the scalp, all of these are qualities that one should look for in a good hair care product.

It’s counter-intuitive to think that it won’t work. The innovative approach of targeting DHT has yet to be commercially available by any other product than Revifol.

The only drawback is that Revifol is only available Online and can’t be found in any local stores.

All of the Revifol ingredients seem to be in quite low doses, to the amount that they would typically not cause an allergic reaction. However, pregnant women should be precautious in taking this substance and in the rare case that if there’s any substance on the label that you are allergic to, you should immediately consult a doctor. Visit the official website of Revifol to learn more!




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