With an embarrassing winless 0-16 season now in the books and caught in the middle of a deep freeze, the much-talked about “Perfect Season 2.0” parade commenced down at FirstEnergy Stadium, dividing a loud, vocal and very proud Browns fanbase.

First there was the Cuyahoga River catching on fire, then it becoming the first major U.S. city to default, racial riots in Collinwood, Glenville, Hough and Little Italy, forced school desegregation, the horrific joke known as the Cleveland Public School system and notable sports debacles such as The Drive, The Fumble, The Shot and now…The Parade.

Organized by longtime fan, Chris McNeil—better known on Twitter by at @Reflog_18, originally as a joke, gradually grew from being a point of laughter into reality, as the real-life parade and its route wraps around First Energy Stadium.

In a December interview with ABC affiliate, WEWS Channel 5, McNeil stated some of the brewing frustration amongst the fan base.

“We’re not real happy with what’s going on, so it’s definitely an ironic type of parade,” “If we win a ball game, it’s off. This is an 0 and 16 parade, not a 1 and 15 parade.”

Recently, there has been some debate on whether or not it’s actually a parade or a protest, but regardless, it adds another civic black eye to a proud and tough-minded blue-collar city and its long-suffering and dedicated fans such as Cleveland.

Clearly, it has divided the fan base across social media, as one faction of fans feels that going to the parade doesn’t make you a true fan, and thus “fake”, while the other faction feels that they have a right to participate in this unheralded form of mockery and express their outrage and anger at a team that has complied the worst three-year record in NFL at 4-43.

A head coach in Hue Jackson, who is 1-31 and STILL has a job. I get it.

An owner who is under federal investigation, and has NO business being in the NFL. Got that.

But a “Perfect Season 2.0 Parade”. Really!

0-16, brings a lot of negative attention and press to a franchise that does not need it, is desperate to turn themselves around, the sight of fans mocking them is sure to detract high-profile free agents and top-flight draft prospects from wanting to play in Cleveland.

As a lifelong Browns fan, I’ve seen a lot of highs and embarrassing, gut-punch, soul-snatching lows such as Bottlegate, the eight-year-old Jets fan that was tackled years ago and seeing the vomit-inducing sight of visiting Terrible Towel-waving Steelers fans turning Browns Stadium into Heinz Field West, but this farce and joke of a “parade” is the ultimate insult to Cleveland  sports.

To me, it’s a visual death kneel of a once great and proud franchise, that has now been reduced to being the pun of ESPN humor and memes across social media.

Good job, Cleveland!

As with all things here in this Rust Belt city, our only solace is that is always next year.


Browns fans have every right to be pissed off, angry, sell their tickets, not renew their PSL’s etc. Personally to me, the toughest job in Cleveland is not being under center, but working in the Ticket Sales Department out in Berea, calling jaded and angry fans about season ticket renewals.

Good luck with that, buddy!

If I’m a fan, I’ am ALL for voicing your anger in boycotting, switching teams, burning or refusing to buy any Browns gear or even finding outer things to do with my time on Sunday, but going to a protest parade to celebrate and mock an 0-16 season is beyond classless, intellectually bankrupt and flat out stupid.

If it’s a protest, find a more creative and mature approach on calling for change in Cleveland, going to a farce of a “parade” is a insult at best and hypocrisy at it’s worst.

Welcome to rock bottom, Browns fans!

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