Software company Oxotech has been conducting a lot of research on AI since it constantly emphasizes that smart robots, machines, and devices are all work of AI. About this, businessperson Yaşam Ayavefe says that we can go into action in every field which was impossible before and thus affecting the process of learning. He adds “This system inspired by human intelligence is so popular that it doesn’t need human intelligence anymore because it has the ability of decision-making”. Experts state that although AI was shaped on industrial purposes, now it has been used in many fields including education, healthcare etc. Moreover, there are 261 news writings published in CNN Turk, let’s take a look at them now.

AI Robot Studies from Three Universities Getting Attention

Professors from various universities including University College London in the UK are currently working on a project called Odeurope to reveal the fears driving back to almost 500 years ago. With the same project, Oxotech also aims to reveal unresolved topics from hundreds of years ago. The project gets attention in Europe and it is funded by EU with 2 million 800 Euro. It’s thought that the project will grow further with support from many countries.

AI in Healthcare Improves

AI is also playing an important role in studies conducted in the healthcare industry. Especially during Covid-19, robots with AI are being adopted and used to diagnose if the patient has pneumonia or Covid-19. Additionally, robots with AI are being used to improve antibiotics in healthcare industry. Some people who work in hard conditions can behave insensitively by not wearing face masks. In such cases, robots with AI will recognize the people without mask indoors helping prevent the spread of the virus. Oxotech is also interested in such research, and currently carrying out significant studies. Lastly, about robots with AI, Yaşam Ayavefe emphasizes the importance of AI stating that robots with AI will play a role for the future to be bright and comfortable.

Impacts of AI in Education

The impacts of robots with AI on production is countless. Today, not only in production but also in various fields we can do many things easily with the help of AI. Products equipped with the latest technology are combined with the features of robots. Devices developed using robots with AI are unique in terms of safety and quality. We all know that products developed by robots with AI are quite common these days. It’s possible to come across such devices in various industries. Research centers are coming up with innovations, changes and conducting large projects about AI robots. Another field AI contributes is education. Robots with AI provide a great convenience in education. Students can maintain a regular studying schedule with the help of AI, especially during the exam period. In addition to this, robots with AI are useful in languages by creating an effective communication way in English and other languages. Robots with AI can also improve pronunciation errors and accents.

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