The Frisco RoughRiders, the Double-A affiliate to the Texas Rangers, aren’t just concerned about winning. This club sees the bigger picture. The RoughRiders know that a baseball team shouldn’t just focus on winning. A large part of their success rides on their community partners. Because of this realization, the organization has The Frisco RoughRiders Foundation.

“The Mission of the Frisco RoughRiders Foundation is to enhance the community we serve through charitable (contributions), grants and programming initiatives. The RoughRiders Foundation supports programs and organizations in our community that motivate and reward children and families in the areas of education, good health and community service activities.”

This foundation is doing great things within the community. The RoughRiders Foundation offers a scholarship program for students. Students must simply fill out the application (found here). Ensuring kids have a bright, positive future is important to this ballclub.

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Especially awesome, the club is also supporting our kids’ educators! The Teacher of the Month Program is a great way to recognize those that are molding the minds of tomorrow. Teachers receiving this award can be nominated by: fellow teachers, parents, students, educators, administrators and other community members. A committee will review the applications. Five winning teachers are selected, one per month throughout the season.

The five teachers selected will receive a $500 donation. The teachers will be recognized during an on-field check presentation. At a RoughRiders home game, of course. This $500 check in the teacher’s name will be split between the School District Education Foundation and the teacher’s school. The teacher will also receive “VIP Treatment” at the Ballpark. This includes 4 tickets with complimentary parking, food and beverages. Most noteworthy, each Teacher of the Month winner will also receive a special gift basket. The basket comes compliments of Siena Massage in Frisco, Texas.

To submit an entry for the Teacher of the Month, click here for details.

“The Frisco Roughriders are very active in supporting various fundraising efforts throughout the North Texas area for schools, youth baseball leagues, charitable and not-for-profit organizations. While we can’t fulfill every donation request, we do our best to help as many charitable organizations as we can.”

The RoughRiders are proactive in helping schools, youth baseball leagues and more. Organizations that are looking for larger amounts of money should not worry. The club offers a fundraising group ticket package. An organization can sell RoughRiders tickets at a higher price in any of their seating areas, and keep the difference. To find out more about receiving donations, click here.

Taking care of their local community is something that Frisco is excelling at. And they encourage you to join in their efforts!

“The RoughRiders mascots, Deuce, Daisy, Ted E Bear, and Bull Moose are all available to make community appearances. Mascot appearances are subject to availability and last for one (1) hour at a cost of $200 for companies and $100 for non-profits. ALL proceeds benefit the RoughRiders Foundation!”

Have them come out to your organization, and provide excellent entertainment! All proceeds go to The RoughRiders Foundation. That’s right. You would be helping out their various programs, enriching the community we love. For more info on donating, take a look here.

If you have any questions, or wish to take part in one of the many programs established by The Frisco RoughRiders Foundation, visit for details!

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