By Joao de Sousa

Open houses can be stressful for anyone. If you’re a first-time renter, buyer or have viewed a good handful of houses, it can still be extremely intimidating and an arduous task. The night before your open house, make sure to write a list of all the qualities you need, would like and could live without. It is also a clever idea to create a separate list that details everything you should check before putting down a deposit.

Therefore, we’ve compiled a list detailing critical areas you should never overlook when scoping out prospective homes.


People may forget that it’s not only a house you’re investing money in, but also the neighborhood. It does not matter if you’ve found the perfect home because if it’s located near a ‘problem’ area, lacking in shops, entertainment and schools if you have children, then your quality of life may deplete. Also, make sure to check the safety of the neighborhood for peace of mind.

It is also wise to ask about the neighbors and consider the houses sat beside your prospective purchase. If a neighbour looks like they may be a hoarder or you know the poorly manicured lawn will create issues for you, then maybe the house isn’t worth these potential ordeals.

House Exterior

Walk around the entire perimeter of the house and make sure to check behind any cleverly planted bushes or shrubs. You may be surprised to see what a well-placed flower or outside ornament is hiding, such as wall cracking, chipping of the paint and poor drainage. Also, check the roof and the guttering. If they’re not in good working order, then a new roof could cause you to be out of pocket, and the guttering system could cause serious damage.

Turn on the Taps

Check the clarity and transparency of your water. If the water comes out cloudy and is paired with a nasty smell, then it could mean your water is contaminated and a risk to your health. However, sometimes contamination comes after you’ve purchased a house due to a change in water companies. If this happens to you and the issue is no fault of your own, contact environmental lawyers such as Napoli Shkolnick who is also representing the Flint claims in Michigan.

Is the Lighting Natural?

When you enter a house, the seller will make sure to turn on all the lights. This is to conceal any issues with natural light the property may have. Therefore, make sure to turn off the lights and witness whether the windows bring in enough sunlight. Not only will natural light help bring down the costs of your electricity bills, but it will also make you happier and holsters a lot of health benefits.

How is the Air Flow?

No one wants to live in a stagnant house, more so in the summer months when the temperatures are rising and you feel yourself cooking. Make sure the rooms are open and airy, and the windows are large and easy to open when a fresh breeze is desperately needed. Not only can poor ventilation cause potential damp and rot, but by opening windows, it can save you money on air conditioning as well as leave you feeling fresher.

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