When you are trying to do what you can to help the environment, you are likely looking at a lot of options that are related to cutting down use of different items. Have you been looking at ways that you can cut down your plastic usage with ease? Here are just a few ways that you can reduce the amount of plastic that you’re using on a regular basis.

Carry a Reusable Water Bottle or Coffee Cup With You

This is, likely, the best way to do this. Plastic water bottles and one-use coffee cups are problematic and are some of the biggest ways that we waste plastic in today’s world. So, instead of letting that be your way of doing things, why not take a look and see what it is that you can do to bring reusable water bottles and coffee mugs with you to work and other places? It can really cut down on your plastics use.

Don’t Use Wasteful Gift Wrap or Other Items

Many people have started to use bags that can be reused for all sorts of gifts – and that can go a long way when you’re trying to save on plastic. But, what other things are wasteful on gifts? Consider not using bows, unless they are made out of cloth. Purchase Reusable Wine Bags instead of the plastic or paper ones, and consider looking at other options when it comes to giving gifts that you want to send. Saving paper and plastics on gifts can go a long way.

Don’t Use Plastic Straws

Did you know that plastic straws from fast food places are one of the biggest problems when it comes to dealing with plastic waste? Instead of taking the time to get a plastic straw, either invest in a reusable straw that you can keep with you or just drink out of the cup without a straw. Many companies are also transitioning to more durable paper straws instead of wasting so much plastic, so keep an eye out for those changes.

Avoid Using Plastic for Food Packaging

When you go to the grocery store, what do you put your vegetables in? For most people, that answer is plastic, and it shouldn’t be. There are a number of different types of bags that you can get for your veggies, and they are eco-friendly and help your veggies to last longer as well. Do your research and figure out what options are best for you and the needs you have.

Recycle in a Way That is Efficient

Don’t just recycle all willy-nilly. Instead, do your research and be sure that you’re splitting up your recyclables in an efficient way. More and more things can be recycled nowadays, and if you go to your center, you can be sure that what you’re throwing in the recycling is actually going to be recycled properly. Look into your options and do what you can to be an efficient recycler.

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