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Seahawks, 49ers Clash Marred By Officiating Blunders

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Gene Steratore
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It was the match-up of the 2013 NFL season the San Francisco 49ers clashing with the Seattle Seahawks at CenturyLink Field for the NFC Championship. On paper it seemed that way, unfortunately that didn’t happen even with the a game decided in the closing seconds.

The reason being Gene Steratore and his officaiting crew. Donte Whitner became victim again of another call for targeting the head or neck area of a receiver against Luke Wilson and there are two reasons why the call didn’t have any validity. Wilson got hit by Eric Reid who make a play on the ball changing the path of the tight end and Whitner was already in the process of lowering his shoulder to dislodge the ball, which he successfully did. As for the hit itself the only point of contact was a glancing blow off the shoulder pad not even close to the head or neck area.

Shortly before the first half ended Russell Wilson threw an incomplete pass on fourth down giving the 49ers the ball and excellent field position with 20 seconds left. Yet,  Carlos Rogers got called for unnecessary roughness a dead ball foul so the turnover counted. The 15 yard penalty resulted in forcing quarterback Colin Kaepernick to run out the clock with a 10-3 lead at halftime. Similar plays happen in nearly every football game and never get called so how come the flag wasn’t picked up after the officiating crew huddled together?

During the second half it didn’t get better for Steratore’s crew either. Former 49er Chris Maragos rolled up under punter Andy Lee and his shoulder went into the plant leg of Lee. By rule that’s roughing the punter, 15 yards and an automatic first down. Somehow running into the punter got called with only a five yard penalty assessed and Harbaugh declined the penalty allowing the Seahawks to have a nice starting spot for their next drive. By not making the correct call it robbed the 49ers a chance to score on back-to-back possessions.

Quite possibly the biggest blunder of the game came on a tremendous play by linebacker Navorro Bowman who is arguably is the NFL’s Defensive Player of the Year. With the Seahawks facing third and goal Jermaine Kearse caught a pass short of the goal line while while fighting for the goal line Reid pushed Kearse into Bowman who ripped the ball out of his arms clearly recovering the fumble. Since the play itself isn’t reviewable by league rules Seattle managed to keep the ball just short of the end zone.

Even worse is that during the play needed a cart to come out as during the entire play Bowman’s knee got bent awkwardly as more players joined in the pile. Even with the naked eye the play it clearly showed the turnover. Pete Carroll did have the offense go for it on fourth down yet a high handoff to Marshawn Lych got mishandled and even with Ahmad Brooks not picking up the fumble it pushed the recovery spot giving the 49ers better field position.

So what had the appearances of one of the better games in recent playoff memories it is now marred by the incompetency of Steratore and his crew which is a shame.


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110 thoughts on “Seahawks, 49ers Clash Marred By Officiating Blunders

    1. once again the officals fix the game.Yeah, I watched it! Wonder whose orders they were following this time? Cough! I guess it has to do with what matchup brings in the most money. AND NO, we are not sore losers-just want a FAIR game for a change! You know Devenr wins so Manning can retire!

    2. There is one more critical miss by this officiating crew. There should have been 2/intentional grounding calls on Russell Wilson. That missed call clearly had an effect on the outcome. Congrats Roger Gidell you are a chump,and you are destroying the NFL. Happy!

      1. No, you are wrong. The second one was called, and the first one should NOT have been called. Fox reviewed it in detail with the League official stating clearly that it should NOT have been a penalty.

      2. Agreed, the said ” he was close enough” wtf!!! Made no sense not calling that intentional grounding. Hate it when officials steal games, NINERS would of won( probably ) if they got calls correctly. Not saying they score each time but keeping ball n draining clock.

    3. I can tell all of these are Niners fans, The Bowman call was the big one, but the Hawks got no points out of it and ultimately the Niners got better field position out of the deal.And then Kapernick threw another pick that them. If Lynch would have scored, I can see the tears, but since he didn’t go bark up another tree.

      1. No (sh)Art, and thanks for further illuminating your personal example of ignorance, but the BIG one for Niners fans was the roughing the kicker penalty.

        We don’t have the gift of premonition as you apparently infer to have. The Bowman play was a bad call, but turned out to be not as significant as the RTK.

        Further illustrating your astounding intellect is your ability to postulate that “these are Niners fans.” Despite this irrelevant revelation, what’s your point? Are you implying that because this is the teams fan base, that the calls were justified, or correct?

        There are several bad/incorrect calls made during every game in every sport, but the affect of these calls the closer a team gets to the championship game exponentially increases the scrutiny.

        Expectations on performance should absolutely be applied to the officiating staff every bit as much as it is to the athletes, wouldn’t you agree? And although the outcome of the SF-Seattle game might not have been different had the correct calls been made, there’s no doubt that the critical post-game assessments would have been less about the referees, and more about athletic performance.

        There’s your other tree.

      2. Jim – Don’t you think if the call would have been made correctly, the niners would have had another 40+ seconds of game time. With that time, maybe Kap wouldn’t have thought he would need to force the throw that was picked off – maybe or maybe not, but we’ll never know because the call was blown.

    4. What’s really bad about all of this is that the refs cannot get fined for their incompetence. Look at it, Brooks hit against Drew Breed and Whitner (helmet to helmet) against another team and now this.. I called it before it began the the 49ers are going to have to play the refs in this game as well. It was no shock to me that the game wasn’t going to be fair. Bad calls like these cost a team a victory. Well, it amazes me the league can fine a player for their hits and etc. But they cannot “fine” a ref for their incompetent play calling!!

      1. Good call, Craig. The refs calling the game in Seattle suck. It was a fix. The comments from Howie and the boys seemed biased too. The 49ers did ‘honestly’ win. The Seahawks are an outstanding team aided by their 12th man and lopsided officials. I’m not a diehard disgruntled 49er fan, unfair gets under my skin. Many Seahawks fans thought the 49ers won the game, also.
        The conference championship games and super bowl should have a second team of officials making calls. There’s a lot of $$$ playing odds. There would have been too many losers if the 49ers won. Where did Gene Steratore and his crew come from… Las Vegas?
        Some things are fishy and it’s not just Seattle’s fish market.

    5. If Amazon plans to do it, the NFL most certainly can. It would take seconds for the referee to review visual drone footage to confirm the calls made on the field based on NFL rules or if that’s too much to chew, change the current NFL rules for review, not limited to scoring plays. In today’s day and age it’s inexcusable to allow this to continue!

      1. Because if bad call its the reason why seattle had home field advantage in the first place. if not for bad call 49ers would have 2 more wins beatin NO and Car in the regular season making the record 14-2 giving the 49ers the #1 seed and home field advantage. bad call from horrible officials

    6. …Yes..the Niners got hosed again…Pathetic ..can’t even watch this crap anymore..You just know the officials are going to make ridiculous and incorrect calls that will determine the outcome of the game…The officials hosed the Niners in the super bowl..they got hosed in New Orleans (which, by the way. they would have had home field advantage through out the playoffs)..and thy got hosed in the seahawks game…some billionaires need to start a new league..full hitting..QB’s must wear neck protection…only 1 foot needs to be in bounds on catches..these 60 yard PI calls are only 15…dump this bs horse collar rule..and let them freaking play football…

      1. Seattle needs the “12th nerd” to win a game..

        The Niners were the better team in that game, and sloppy officiating gave it to Seattle…

        Manning and Denver are gonna turn the Chickenhawks into Chicken McNuggets!

      2. Seriously, Diana. You have got to be able to see that the refs messed up or else you was watching a different game. Seahawks only won because of bad calls, the 12th man didn’t.

      3. one way or the other the seahawks acted like a bunch of elementary kids that got the lunch money stolen. face facts regardless of who won and who didn’t there shouldn’t have been things thrown at a injured player if it was a 49er or a seahawk. and the words that dumbass spoke showed his immaturity,and stupidity in general that was a lil harsh directed at who ever period. and I hate to tell his dumbass,but crabtree is a damn good player for real. grant it he isn’t a jerry rice but still far to good to get cut down the way he did . without respect,and dignity the games will always suck grow up hawks go back to elementary school,and pass kindegarden instead of getting sent forward due to ur ages lol

      4. U are an idiot strait bandwagon fan and 12th ma n, to bad u pay $5,000 to use that slogan and its obvious u don’t know the rules of the game and u can’t point them out when bad calls happen because U DONT KNOW THE RULES and PENALTIES of THE GAME

  1. Lets not forget about the Seattle fans that throw food at Bowman as he was being carted off. Thats just shows they have no class up there niner nation

  2. The owner of the 49ers need to sue the NFL for putting referees that target the 49ers. This is the 2nd year the 49ers have been severly targetted by bias referees! This league has turned into professional boxing and WWE Wrestling!

  3. Clowns could referee this game a whole lot better! Outcome of the game could have been different due to their mistakes!
    Looks like NFL made it up to the Hawks after they screwed them against the Steelers in the last SB they were in. These NFL refs need go!

    1. These aren’t acceptable mistakes in the playoffs. These were also incredibly easy calls to make. Weren’t even ones that could go either way.

    2. If the refs are human, why NOT review ANY questionable call in a championship game, ala the “red flag” from the coach (at the cost of a time out)?
      The RTK and fumble calls were clearly game changers, and were just as clearly WRONG. As a four decade niner fan, I can handle defeat in a fair game, what I cannot abide is losing a game where deeply flawed calls affect the outcome and cannot be reviewed.

    3. True calls made in during the speed of the game can sometimes be excused but not knowing the difference between a roughing the passer and running into the kicker penalty is inexcusable. Officials are supposed to know the rules which this season the have made quite a few errors in.

  4. I do not understand why the NFL commission allows the monopoly of seat purchases, the obvious bias of the refs and the lack sportsmanship that is occurs during these games. A clean hit and they penalize the 49ers, they hit the kicker and the penalty is 5 yards. And then the audacity for the commentators to say, “Oh there really is a 12th man.” Perhaps the unfortunate calls need to STOP! The commentators and NFL glamorize a player going ballistic on TV, glorify a stadium that throws food at a player that CLEARLY recovered a fumble and was hurt as a result of it. Shame on you NFL and your commentators and your refs…well enough said about the lot of you.

  5. LOL you crybabys are blaming the refs for losing??? Suck it up losers, the only mistake made by the officiating crew was the Bowman fumble recovery which ended up having 0 effect on the outcome of the game. Get over it. You lost.

    1. The only mistake? Even Mike Pereira called out the officials on several calls, most notably the no call for roughing the kicker which changed the complexity of the game. And you say zero effect. Maybe true, but at the time no one knew that it would be a moot point so that call has to be made correctly at the time it happened and there was a ref right there and saw Bowman with the ball and that he was down by contact! Maybe you need to learn the game before commenting.

    2. Easy for the Seahawk to say get over it when the game was ruled in their favor. The 49’ers were playing against not only the Seahawks but the refs especially when our kicker was injured. Low blow from Seahawks and Refs. Shame on you. There is nothing to get over, only a lot to be reported by SF to officials as rigging the entire game.

    3. The head to head contact hit call the roughing the kicker im sure i can find a few more so stating that the only bad call was Bowmans strip is ludicrous…

  6. There were a bunch of bad calls in this game that’s for damn sure. However there were bad calls on both sides. I’m sure if the seahawks losttthey’d be whining about the refs, too. Don’t sweat it guys.

    1. Who blamed the refs for those? Or are you living in a fantasy world? Those were on Kaep plain and simple, but blatant no calls and fabricated calls is what everyone is talking about. And for your info, most of us have hated the Squawks for years not just one game!

  7. I am a diehard Saints fan, but the bad calls and noncalls in this game disgusted and infuriated me. This officiating crew would not be fit to officiate a peewee football game if this is an example of their “work”.

    1. And the two most egregious were against SF at critical points in the game (RTK and fumble recovery)… THAT is unacceptable!

  8. The season was rigged for the Seahawks. All season long Sherman held jerseys with no call and they got every break there was.

    1. Denver players need to soak their jerseys in slippery slime so Sherman and the she-shocks won’t be able to grab onto the Denver players.

  9. Like my dad said why don’t they put skirts on and play flag football. I mean come on. Are we not playing football. These ref’s sucked horrible and lost the game for the 49ers. The 49res played great last night and should of won the game. I think the playoffs need to be in a neutral city or stadium to make it fair for both teams that way you don’t get biased ref’s. Seahawks are cheap players and have even cheaper fans!!!!

    1. I agree and have always felt the playoffs should be held in a neutral stadium. What a sad game to watch last night, my 11 yo granddaughter was even pointing out bad calls.

  10. What a joke. The Jermaine Kearse fumble? That’s not a horrible call.. That’s called an NFL Rule. The next Seahawk play from scrimmage? A Marshawn Lynch fumble and turnover on 4th Down. Kinda equals itself out, 40-Whiners fans, Don’t it?

    1. So teams are supposed accept it and hope it equals itself out in the end? That defies logic! When a player has the ball and is laying on the ground with it and is obviously down by contact that’s a pretty simple call that should have been made!

  11. Everyone needs to stop bitching. You’re a human being, right? You make mistakes, right? I love when refs make questionable calls, then everyone becomes a rule book expert. Wha Wha whaaa. Get a tissue.

  12. These Seachicken fans say the Niner fans whine alot – yet they forget THEIR whining when they lost the Superbowl – saying the refs had ALOT of bad calls against them!! Gee, how they forget. To throw food at an opposing team member after being hurt in a play shows NO CLASS at all. My sister-in-law has a friend who lives in Seattle and he says the fans are all like that – no class. . .

  13. Did you Seahawk fans not see the replay on that punt by Andy lee? It was the most obvious roughing the kicker I’ve ever seen, and these refs can’t tell which leg is up and which is planted! If the right call would have been made, we would have gotten a first down and fifteen yards to get us to the fifty! And you say the only bad call was the bowman one…. And you say there was no effect

  14. refs have suck all year they make there own calls not to NFL RULES . Rules are rules or throw them out of the game. If you allow DB to grab and hold in one game then all should be able to do it. Not one game to another change rules NFL has LOST MY RESPECT FOR THE GAME.

  15. I want to continue and carry on the great all American tradition of watching the NFL’s Super Bowl regardless of the teams. But if I notice that the 12th man is wearing stripes on Super Bowl Sunday, no thanks I’ll be tuning off…

  16. Look, I agree with this, troy aikman agrees with it. But who wrote this??? I can never take anyone serious that can’t write an article with proper grammar. There were mistakes on our end too, but we played a hell of a game. Take a moment to get over it, and move on.

  17. The She-Hawks were the most penalised team in the entire league. -fact. i know and i watch football. as well as my father and my brother and very close friends. my father and brother are Pittsburgh fans, my close friend is a Denver fan. they all agree we got dicked out of that game. and im not sweating any She-Hawk fans calling us ”whiners.” if the shoe was on the other foot they would be feeling the same. i dont ”know,” but i fully believe the game would have went an entirely different direction had we gotten the correct call of roughing the kicker. let alone the rest of the B.S. calls. but whats done is done. enjoy your free trip to the super bowl She-Hawks. LET’S GO DENVER!!!

  18. The refs not making correct calls made the game persona. Players had to let there emotions dictate the game not trust there system because justice was not living on that field. When your team has to not only play against the Seahawks but also there fans and the officials it leads to turnovers and bad plays cause players start trying to compensate for not having any order facilitated by the refs.

  19. Dolphins fans know Steratore all to well, he screwed them good a few years back on a very controversial call! Couldn’t believe he ran this crew in a game of this magnitude.

  20. human or not, mistakes or not, referees need to be held accountable for bad calls. REGARDLESS OF THE GAME. Personally, I just want good teams to play in the superbowl. what this looked like to me as a non niners or seahawks fan, was an onslaught of bad calls that resulted in a seahawks win. problem is, (and no i cant stand the broncos either) this appears to be a set up so that the broncos (which were a pretty good team this year) would play a team they could beat so that manning will retire “on top” with a trophy and a ring.

  21. When Kaep intentionally kicked the fumbled football away from the Seahawks, should have been a penalty. When Bennett was held during Kaep’s 58 yard run should have been a penalty. Those two huge missed penalties lead to points for the 49ers. And overall the Hawks still had more penalties for more yards. Stop your whining!

      1. Did you even watch the game? Kaep fumbled in the redzone and kicked the ball which is against the rules. Can’t believe a “journalist” would even write about about a subject they don’t even understand

        1. I don’t know what part of the game you were watching he never kicked the football. I’m assuming you’re referring to the fumble recovery by Jonathan Goodwin.

  22. And the personal foul on the sideline hitting Jeremy Lane wasn’t called either on that roughing the kicker play. If both were call correct it would be offsetting correct? So that play would not have mattered. Get over yourselves. Don’t leave it to the refs, everyone learns that from a young age. Good luck next year with you mediocre team.

  23. So did the refs turn the ball over too? Did they tell Carlos Rodgers to blow the coverage on the 4th and 7 on the TD? Did the refs have anything to do with the Lynch 40yrd run? Ya there was bad calls but try looking at the other things the 49ers could have done. There was about three dropped passes that would have made a difference too. If you have to try to blame the refs for the game the team didn’t do enough to win and I guarantee the niners are not blaming the refs.

    1. Even if Rogers had made the play it would have come back to 4th and 2 as the 49ers were offside. Sorry JK the weak unnecessary roughness call robbed the 49ers of field position which could have resulted in points, the roughing the punter again robbed the 49ers of a first down and even if the drive stalled the Seahawks would had worse field position. These calls had a significant impact on the game so no this isn’t a mistake that get overlooked.

    2. It’s obviously this person is a Seahawk fan and don’t understand lopesided calls.
      When one is like this one should keep quiet!!

    3. All players make or don’t make plays and they all affect the outcome of the game. They are supposed to because that is the nature of any contest. The officiating is not supposed to affect the outcome. Do you even have a brain? Officials calls can affect a relatively even game. Teams should not be expected to play so much better than their opposition so as to over come a bunch of bad calls against them. We are not talking horse racing here where you add weight and compete with a handicap in an attempt to equalize the playing field for betting purposes. Your idiotic line of reasoning implies that teams need to play so much better than the opposition to assure that even a bunch of bad calls can not rob them of victory. This is a total bunch of crap that some coach’s/players have promoted through talking points to get better performances from their players and get them to assume responsibility for their own mistakes. Good in building character for the individual but should not be an excuse to discount the need for responsible and fair officiating. What about holding the officials and those responsible for their performance accountable. Are they supposed to get a free ride.

  24. Why does this article only mention the bad calls that went against the 49ers? There were a number of non-calls and bad calls that ended up in 49ers points as well. It works both ways.

  25. 49ers’ LB Bowman’s was the worst miss call…the man cause a fumble n recover it, was holding on to the ball while a pile players rolled up on his leg, which ended his season with torn knee, but the officials awarded ball Seahawks. Bowman’s a true warrior, I seen guys let the football go while running by themselves because they pulled a “hammy”….Bowman > #Respect.

  26. You left one out. The play that resulted in a touchdown for Seattle when clearly there was a false start at the line of scrimmage. The refs threw what looked like a hundred flags, blew the whistles, and the play halted for a split second. Yet, Russ Wilson continued to throw the ball into the endzone. The touchdown was allowed, and there was no explanation given for the flags. The 49ers defense had halted play,so they were robbed once again at the handsof the refs.

      1. Well thanks for clearing that one up. I could not understand why no one fussed about that one. Clearly, I missed the announcement. Thanks!

  27. The 49ers had the seahawks on the ropes. They were stunned and scared. There is absolutely no doubt that the 49ers would be at the superbowl had it not been for those 4 or. 5 crucial officiating blunders that went against them. The seahawks did not play well at all. They did not win, they got a fee pass. They owe the officiating crew their butts.

    BTW -fans should never be allowed to throw anything onto the field of play. Escort them out with a fine or ban.

  28. Two more – the Davis catch, where he caught the ball, took two steps and was tackled and as he hits the ground the ball comes loose – clearly a catch – and just after the Whitner call the head to head contact against James on the punt return with an associated face mask. Not arguing outcome, but what is up that there are so many pairs of officials eyes and they can’t see what I can see on the tv in real time. The announcers said the head of the crew had done three college basketball games the previous week – maybe he should have been training as hard as the athletes were.

  29. Wow – I am simply amazed at the level of delusion by the author. To claim that the officiating was In Favor of the seahawks and the reason the seahawks one is cause for commitment to an I stitution of some sort. The one obvious missed call (Bowman) ended up in S.F. favor consideri g they didnt have to start from the two yard line. From the beggining of the game Seattle lookex like the better team. They made some stupid mistakes that gave san fran the lead but really the better team won this game.

    1. Wowwww what a homy you are! So in your mind you have no problem with your players diving on top of Bowman was helplessly pinned down by a Seattle player and holding onto what anybuddy watching knew to be an interception.I imagine the Seattle players diving on top of Navarro knew he had posession and was in a bad way. Nice guys!Then howabout the bad calls on your receiver being hit And the no call on sliding into 49er kickers planted foot. These are game changers. Thats what all the negativity toward the game results are about.

      1. It wasn’t an interception to begin with as Kearse caught he football cleanly made a move up field therefore when Bowman ripped the football out it was a fumble. The ruling on the field was that it was a fumble recovered by Lynch who had the football after coming out of the pile. It’s unfortunate what happened to Bowman it wasn’t the pile that caused his injury it was Reid attempting to keep Kearse out of the endzone and pushing him into the knee of Bowman.

        1. Navarro Bowman deffinately had posession of the football standing up and when he went to the ground still holding the ball and being touched by Kearse ,had a legel recovery.the piling on was an obvious attenpt to ripe the ballout of his hands and hopefully dup the refs and they were successfullas anybody watching knows. the additional 6 to 700 pounds of weight diving ontop of him may have contributed to his knee problems.

    2. Only obvious call on Bowman? Not even close and it yes it was biased towards the Seahawk. How is an unnecessary roughness call that never gets made get called on Rogers? How does the official not know the rule in regards to roughing the punter nor know which foot is the plant one on a right footed kicker? So along with Bowman there’s three calls that weren’t correctly made that went the Seahawks way.

  30. And another one when Kaepernick fumbled and then kicked the ball towards his teammates when it looked like seattle was going to recover the ball. Or the hit on the sidelines of Jermain Kearse. Kaepernick blew this game not the officials.

  31. Bowman is part of the defensive back field and as such gathered in a loose ball in the air.The only question to me was did he maintain possesion as he hit the ground,which to me should have been reviewable under present rules. Adding to that is the question of the league rules that are supposed to protect the valnerable.I would say that at that time bowman was diffinately exposed and a pileing on call should have been called.

  32. The funny thing is, I’ve been told year after year by 49ers fans that the Seahawks suck because we haven’t won a Super Bowl, and to stop whining about the refs in the Super Bowl game where we got screwed (I’m told we lost because we suck, not because of the refs)… now they are all whining about the refs.

  33. Why do the refs have it out for the niners. This has to stop. Year after year this happens. Its to hard for the niners to beat the other teams players, the crouds and the officials. The league is so stacked against the niners its obvious. How could any human being disagree with me. You can’t. They really don’t even try to. They just call us whiners. If anything call us victims of a corrupt league were cheaters get rewarded and players who play the game the right way are penalized. Even seahawk fans that were watching the game with where speechless. I had to leave the room after the bowman fumble recovery fiasco. The man risked his body to get that ball and the refs took it away. He’s getting carted off the field and seahawk fans are throwing food at him. Absolutely pathetic human beings. If anybody choked, its the NFL.

  34. It’s a horrible situation when bad officiating determine the outcome of a tuff Championship game! The 49ers were robbed from winning this game!
    This was a totally sick situation where officiating was lopesided.
    This situation needs to be reviewed by NFL because it was UNFAIR to fans who trully love the 49ers, when we know they were capable of winning that game!
    We pray that bad errors Stop and officiating gets professional.

  35. I agree totally with your artcile. I’m a Niner fan through and through, but if these bad calls had gone against Seattle, I wouldn’t be happy with a Niner victory. True fans of the game wouldn’t be, knowing that one of the best showdowns in years left room for doubt as to the winner, because of an unusual amount of OBVIOUSLY bad officiating.

    1. I counted at least 5 helmet to helmet hits in the Superbowl, at least 3 flagrant. Not ONE was called. If the Brooks-Brees call had not been made SF would have played Seattle at home.
      These subjective calls need to be reviewable to determine the actuality of helmet to helmet or not.
      All of this is all “League of Denial” propaganda as Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy is not caused primarily by helmet to helmet contact but by the deceleration which all hits entail. and the League knows that.

  36. No matter which team you were rooting for, the average fan knows when a bad call is made and yes you’ll take the win, but when fans sit there and say there weren’t bad calls or it didn’t cost one team the game, that’s ludicrous!

  37. You missed one: The catch by Vernon Davis called incomplete, resulting in a punt.

    Two plays before the missed roughing the kicker call, Vernon Davis caught a ball for 5 yards, turned around, ran two steps, clearly maintaining possession, and was tackled. The ball came out after he hit the ground, and was not forced out by the ground. Clear catch, but was ruled incomplete. With those 5 yards, it wouldn’t have mattered that they missed the roughing the kicker call. 5 yards for running into the kicker would have been a first down. Instead the Niners had to punt, and I believe Lynch scored on the ensuing possession.

  38. The league should lie detect these officials and ask them if they were paid to make bad calls by another party, I would bet a pretty penny that they would fail the test!

  39. LOL, all these comments of blown calls and rigged game could have been avoided. SCORE MORE POINTS!! Like Kaep was gonna win that game.

    Two years later. Where is he now? Benched. lol

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