The luxury online brand, Sebastian Cruz Couture, is well known for its unique pocket squares, shoes, jackets and other accessories. The brand has grown massively in the past years from the revenue which they generated from their individual pocket squares, after which no external investment was required to run the brand; the owner Cesar had complete control of the brand.

It was created in 2013 and is becoming famous with every passing day.  Cesar and Natasha Cruz started this joint venture which now has gained a lot of popularity on social media platforms and is entirely run online without any physical stores in place.

How Sebastian Cruz Couture Began In 2013, Cesar and Natasha Cruz started with just 7 pocket squares with custom crochet borders. Soon after, this expanded to many new designs and combinations. After several months of thought and research, the creation of the bespoke machine took the brand to new heights. This machine was used to aid in creating pocket squares within a significantly shorter amount of time than before. The couple put in a lot of effort with a skilled designer to create the machine.

Previous to this, each pocket square took nearly 40 minutes to make by hand from start to finish with the crochet border. Upon the successful completion of the device, it was able to aid the brand in producing two dozen squares in only 40 minutes, which is a quite impressive improvement.

The story behind the name

Every big brand has a unique name behind it that tells a story.  Sebastian Cruz Couture is proud of the meaning behind their brand name and what it resembles. Their products are handmade and that is the very root form Couture comes from. The surname of the family is Cruz and Sebastian is going to be the name of their future child.

The brand operated entirely online.

In its early days, the brand did have a physical existence but focused more so on being a digital franchise to physical franchisee and retail locations. Cesar was not happy with the performance of the franchisee owners as they did not embody the characteristics and motivation that the company needed as a whole.  Apart from that, the financial responsibility it takes to run a dying real estate based retail business makes it difficult to expand and grow. When the contracts with the franchisees expired, the couple decided to shift the business entirely online, which has led to massive success.

Tips for those who are thinking of getting into the fashion industry.

From a start-up to a big online brand, who’s pieces are worn by many athletes and celebrities, the couple has learnt a lot from their venture. They have valuable advice to give to all those who are thinking of making a name for themselves in the fashion industry. Cesar says this industry is one of the toughest to get into and make a living, as the competition in the market is sky-high.

He further adds that if you want to achieve fame and make money, you must come to the table with something new and inspiring; something that the consumer can relate to and develop a bond with. You should be very clear on what you intend to do and the kind of people you want to target.

Stand out

If you want to make it big in the fashion business one of the most important things is to stand out, be distinctive and unique from everyone else. It is then you will be able to make an identity in the market and build a faithful fan following. A bit of advice from Cesar to everyone who wants to jump into the fashion industry is just that. He says, don’t look at others and their value, focus on your brand while bringing something new. If the public likes it, it will generate both name and fame for you.

Cesar also shares valuable tips regarding customer service. He says when you are running a luxury brand, especially an online based one, you have to answer all the queries of the customer. Make products that they can rely on and win their trust, so that way you will have loyal customers who will depend on you to look great and will wait for your next arrivals impatiently.

Reinstate profits.

It is essential to save at least half of the generated revenue and use it to expand your current business. You can use that money to develop new designs, products and take new initiative. This is the strategy Sebastian Cruz Couture goes by. By taking the incoming revenue from the success of the pocket squares and using it to expand the business and add more products, Sebastian Cruz Couture eliminated the need for investors and gave autonomy to Cesar.

Even today, after becoming a big gun in the market, the brand has the same approach and invests its profits in new ideas and designs.

Cesar also advises that marketing is a very vital element if you want to sustain in the fashion industry; simply having an innovative product will not suffice. He says selling a luxury product is like telling your consumer a story. You have to be consistent in telling a story because if you stop, someone else will catch the attention of the listener. He also adds that your account needs to be able to satisfy the listener.

If you fail to do that, you fail not only your customer but also yourself. Presentation of the product is also essential, you can have one of the most excellent products in your hand but can still fail. Therefore, Cesar adds, work on the display for only then will you be able to generate faithful clientele.

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