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See Plastic Surgery Happen – Right In Your Living Room!


April 17, 2018

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Plastic surgery has become increasingly popular throughout the world. People are also becoming increasingly trusting of the wonders that plastic surgery can offer in terms of life quality, appearance, and self-confidence. Today, cosmetic surgery is becoming increasingly affordable and accepted in mainstream society. However, people who are choosing elective surgery need to know that it’s still important to choose the right doctor, be educated about the procedure, and be fully certain that this is the right step for them.

While techniques for plastic surgery continue to improve, the ways people become educated on procedures prior to going under the knife haven’t…until now. Apple TV now offers the Living Sage Plastic Surgery Network, the first-ever Plastic Surgery APP on Demand right in the comfort of your living room. The Living Sage Plastic Surgery Network is designed to be a hub of information for potential patients and providers alike. Plastic surgeons who join the site are able to show their own personally-generated content and teach patients more about the procedure they want. Patients get to link up with world-class surgeons and view their work from home or from their mobile device.

Isn’t YouTube Enough to Satisfy the Plastic Surgery Industry?

The Living Sage Plastic Surgery Network is an excellent way of helping people who are interested in cosmetic procedures learn more about their potential surgeries, network with licensed plastic surgeons, and make the right choices for their needs. The APP is also a way for Cosmetic Surgery Procedures to acquire new patients through a brand new promotional channel. “YouTube results yield information from various sources, but Living Sage provides content right from the source, the provider” shares Dr. Gordon Kaplan, Board Certified Plastic Surgeon. It’s 100% dedicated to Plastic and Reconstructive Medicine which already has over 50 providers and over 300,000 views a month between the app and website.

Like YouTube, a provider can create content with their phone and upload right to the website interface. The content is immediately available on the AppleTV app as it has a backend that integrates both website, mobile and Apple TV, outside of YouTube, the first of its kind, especially for Plastic Surgery. Currently, in the development, The Network will add Virtual and Augmented Reality which will allow the prospective patient to see possible aesthetic outcomes right from their couch. They are also planning on offering live streaming so you can watch surgery live.

Was This Concept Initially Accepted by The Tech and Plastic Surgery Community?

Though the Plastic Surgery Network is relatively new, mainstream media has already started to pay serious attention to the difference it’s been making in the aesthetic industry. No other Apple TV app has made a similar impact in the $15 billion Plastic Surgery industry.

Dr. Philip J. Miller, who is a Rhinoplasty expert out of NYC adds “The Living Sage Plastic Surgery Network can be linked to all of our consult rooms so that we can educate patients on various surgical and non-surgical options”. Speaking as a serial entrepreneur, projects like the Living Sage Plastic Surgery Network are proof that innovation will always remain king—and that makes me proud to enjoy tech.

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