Sliding Shower Screens are a modern day feature of a bathroom. They are also known as Bypass doors. They take up a very minimal space in the bathroom and usually consists of two or three panels. These screens give an elegant look of a well-furnished bathroom. If someone wants to give their bathroom a modern and posh look, they can definitely opt for sliding shower screens. Sliding shower screens are available in plain glass and in frosted glass varieties to add elegance to your bathroom. Since they are sliding in nature, even small children and aged people can operate them smoothly.

How have the Sliding Shower Screens Evolved?

Sliding Shower Screens have evolved a lot. Nowadays, these screens are absolutely transparent and are made of glass. It makes the screens look more classy and full of open space.

Why go for Sliding Shower Screens?

  • Laminated glass or safety-tempered glass is used to manufacture these shower screens which leads to the guarantee of durability for a long time.
  • Its installation might be a bit expensive but it’s free of incurring any expenses required for replacing any other alternative like shower curtains, because of its durability. It’s more pocket-friendly in the long-term use of it.
  • Frameless sliding shower screens add a better visual touch to your bathroom, as they look more appealing, and they can be maintained easily. They do not occupy much space and they also help in energy preservation.
  • Shower Screens are free of high maintenance as they can look like they are new for years by getting the glass protective coated making cleaning an easier task with little to almost no maintenance.
  • The Shower Sliding Screens make the washroom of an individual look beautiful and gives it a more aesthetic look.
  • The sliding shower screens also sometimes come with added features and spaces for toiletries which makes it even more convenient.

Things to Keep in Mind Before or While Buying A Sliding Shower Screens:

  1. Space: One needs to first measure the space available for the sliding screens. One needs to plan on the style of the shower screens based on the space available. A sliding shower screen, for example, will be an ideal one in a bathroom with a large shower space. Sliding shower screens occupy less space and they can be installed without much hassle.
  2. Type of Glass: One needs to also choose the type of glass one is going to use on these screens. The different types of glass being clear, patterned or textured. Heat-resistant and stain-resistant high quality glasses cost a little more but they can easily be used for the shower screens.
  3. Accessories: Which Sliding Shower Screens one needs to buy should also be based on the accessories or the toiletries available to that individual.
  4. Expenses: A consumer needs to also keep the matter of expenses in his or her mind. Its initial installation process will be expensive. However, once installed, it’s beneficial for the long run as it’s not only durable but also low maintenance.

What does the Sliding Shower Screens Consist of?

  • Shower Parts: Different shower parts like brackets, shower curtain rod diecast and ends, plastic, bumper assortment, magnetic shower door, towel bar bracket, shower door bottom pivot and seal, towel bar and so on, come along with the shower screens.
  • Other Parts: It also consists of other parts like Shower Door Handles and Seals or Sweeps, Tub and Shower Door Guides and Rollers.

With all these components and the advantages that it provides, Sliding Shower Screens are a very good option to renovate and modify one’s bathrooms to give it an elegant look and a luxurious experience.

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