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Self-Pay vs. Using Insurance for Restoration

Paying for home restoration work can be an unexpected cost. Often, they are required as a result of distressing circumstances such as water or fire damage. Depending on the level of work, you might be considering whether to self-pay for the damages or claim through your insurance company.

There are benefits to both, but which is best?

Self-Paying for the Damages

This might seem like the less favorable option and is sometimes only viable if you have a level of savings preparing for such an expense. Claiming through your insurance can increase your future premium payments in a way that can seem less favorable. Paying for the repairs yourself can mean you don’t have to make a bigger monthly commitment.

Also, self-paying gives you the freedom to choose a contractor for yourself. You may have already found a Boise restoration company that you want to work with, but your insurance company will only let you use a team they have selected.

To make sure the work is completed to a standard that you believe you can trust, self-paying might be for you. Self-pay can be good because the company working on your home will be looking to build an ongoing relationship where they are your go-to company for any future repairs.

Insurance Company

You don’t always have to use your insurance companies recommended contractor. They could be merely suggesting that you use a team that they recommend. Also, using your insurance company to make a claim for repairs can mean you only have to pay an excess, at most.

Given that not everyone is in the position to pay for larger scale repairs, an insurance company can be a viable option. Always make sure you have read and understood the fine print in your insurance agreement, so you know what you are entitled to before you speak with an agent.

Insurance companies are businesses, which means they have their own margins in mind. It is not uncommon for an insurance company to want the job to be finished within a specific budget. After all, they would prefer to keep collecting people’s premiums, and not have to pay out.

This is why they like to use their preferred restoration companies. When they have a relationship with a company, they might have an agreement that they keep the costs down. This can mean low-quality materials or a rushed job. At the end of the day, the preferred restoration team wants to make sure the insurance company is happy, which doesn’t always mean you will be as well.

In Conclusion

Whatever you choose, many reputable companies can get the work done to a high standard. Even with emotional situations such as large-scale damage, there is always a resolution. Even self-paying can be paid for via a payment plan to spread the cost. You should now have a greater understanding of which is better for you so you can get the repairs done sooner rather than later.

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