Essay writing is one of the most important scoring aspects of the college grading system. Therefore, most educational institutions train essay writing from early years of learning.

As you advance through the grades, the complexity of essays inevitably increases. This allows students to show off their scope of knowledge and skills. The teacher meanwhile can assess if the chosen learning approach and education as a whole do their job and every student progresses.

Granted, mastering essay writing is an art that demands time, practice, and interest.If you have troubles with writing, such as panic attacks under time pressure, you can always ask for help from writing service, such as Florida essay. However, students can make deliberate efforts to improve their writing skills, if they feel their output does not do their knowledge justice. Here are the seven key points that can help the student to write a perfect essay.

Understand the topic

This is, perhaps, one way in which essay writing resembles verbal communication. Before answering the question, you must be sure both sides of conversation are on the same page.

Before you put pen to paper, make sure that you understand the topic at hand thoroughly. Not that you must necessarily have encyclopedic knowledge of the subject, but at least understanding of general concept. Do your research, ask your tutor to clarify, quiz your peers at least. That is the number one element of writing a good essay.


Once you decide on the topic, you will havea lot of ideas crossing your mind. Grab a piece of paper and write them down. Brainstorming helps you to find a certain approach that will define your stance while writing you essay. If, for instance, you are writing on Apartheid in South Africa, you must decide upon the angle and that your essay will take. Otherwise, you will have an incoherent mixture of ideas without a clear flow or outcome.


No matter how well a subject is familiar to you, you will need to do some research. The time you should spend researching, of course, depends on the question at hand. However, even when you aim at writing just a short outline of an essay, doing thorough research helps. You will have a lot of information at your disposal and you will decide how to apply it. This is key to a perfectly written essay.

Develop a thesis statement

Now that you have your topic clearly outlined, you need to come up with a thesis statement. This is simply a claim that will help the reader of your essay identify with the problem/question you raise.

Having your thesis statement early on helps you to be consistent and stick to the lane when writing an essay. When you finish writing it, you will ask yourself whether the question raised has been answered or not.

Make the first Draft

After researching your topic well, deciding on the approach and outlining the thesis statement, you are ready to make the first draft. This is simply an outline of the key points gathered. Some people are misguided to think that the draft should (or can) make the final copy. This is wrong. You will realize revising your draft that you might have omitted important details or added too much unnecessary information. Now it’s time to edit.

Proof-read and edit your essay

Writing an essay is a demanding and time-consuming task. By the time you are finished with the first draft, you might actually want to put it away for good. It helps to step away from your desk and revisit your essay later. If time allows, you can even put it away for a day or two. If not, a couple of hours will help you to reflect and have a fresh approach.

Now check grammar and spelling, search for mistakes, typos, double-check the facts, verify the formatting and so on. This ensures that your essay will be well rounded and neat.

Submit your essay on time

Oh, yes! This is an important part of your essay’s success. Whether you have an hour, a day or a month to write your essay, make sureyou submit it on (or better still before) the due date. Respecting the deadlines helps you to make a favorable impression on a person who will grade your essay.


Essay writing should be one of the most enjoyable aspects of learning. It is important to highlight that essay writing is not only important for school and college but also in the future career. In many workplaces, written communication is a key part of the job. It’s never too late to practice and improve your skills by following the tips presented here.

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