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Our clothing is an essential aspect of our identity. How we dress says a lot about who we are, what impression we are trying to reflect. This is why having a wardrobe equipped with clothes that are quality backed, fitting to your body type and size, following the trend, and providing you comfort, are all important factors to consider. Whatever clothing type you prefer, having them fitting to your measurements and showing your best features is important no matter your size, shape, and skin tone.

Talking about fashion, often people with a plus-size body find it hard to get the answers that best show them in a stylish way. However, this was decades ago, but not anymore. The fashion industry has become aware of this and they are now focusing on this specific facet now, churning out quality, trendy items.

Looking great is all about dressing up for your body type and size and to draw attention to the body areas that you feel good about. Hence, for plus-size women, it is recommendable that they buy wholesale plus size women’s clothing following the right techniques and ways.

How to Dress for Your Plus Size Body Type?

Just because you have caught a new dress online or in a store doesn’t mean that you should make the buying decision. Choosing plus size clothing is much more, as you need to consider several factors as detailed below:

  1. Choose Colors Wisely

You would have come across talks when many women say how they prefer dresses to wear for any special occasion. It’s because black flatters everyone and it being a neutral color doesn’t meddle with the skin undertone. However, you can’t go for black only. And it also doesn’t mean that you should shy away from bright colors.

Any plus-size woman can find different colors and mix and match these to create an interesting effect. Follow this color guide to know:

Bright Colors for Drawing Attention

Bright colors are attractive and make you feel confident and so these should be picked to show off your body’s best features.

  • If your legs are an attractive feature of your body, wear bright pants
  • For top-specific attention, pair bright tops with dark pants or tights

Dark Colors for Minimizing Less-Attentive Areas

It’s a fact that dark colors make you look smaller and these can be used effectively to develop a slimmer look.

  • A dark sheath dress will help bring a slimmer profile
  • Whether you want to slim out upper part or lower part, wear dark clothing there
  1. Dress for the Occasion

Don’t just think that this dress looks good on your plus size and you wear that for any occasion without considering whether it fits it or not. You can surely find something that is great for any specific occasion type. If you are visiting the beach, go for flowy empire-waist dresses. For dressing up for work or a formal meeting, go for peplum or A-line. Similarly, go for the type that will fit the occasion the best, while looking great on you.

  1. Small Prints Help in presenting a Slim Body

Prints are always in style and smaller prints will make you look more flattering, no matter the color or dress type. But it doesn’t mean that you completely ignore the large prints, as you can find that some will still make you look great.

  1. Pick Dresses That Emphasize Your Best Body Features

Every woman has a pretty good understanding of what features are their best. Then choose dresses which draw the eyes to that. For showing legs you should consider wearing slim and long pants. Blazers and tops that cinch in at the waist are ideal for showing your curves.

  1. Considering Clothing Fitting is Important

Thinking that wearing baggy clothes hide your weight is a wrong conception. In fact, that will make it look like an extra weight is added to your body.

  • Choose shirts or tops that are fit-shape to your body type and have darting.
  • A-line, pencil, fit & flare dresses are ideal to give a flattering figure
  • A tailored, straight-leg or boot-cut pant is perfect for your lower body.
  1. Layering up can Enhance Your Style

Pick fitted clothes like a cardigan, jacket, or such outfits that add a layer to your look making you more stylish. Ensure that you choose options that are ideal for the season.

  1. Statement Jewelry is a Better Fit over Small Pieces

Accessories are an addition that completes your look (it isn’t compulsory though) and jewelry is central to that. Larger jewelry pieces match well with a curvier body, for example, large necklaces, bracelets, thick bangle bracelets, chunky beads, thick chain and so.

When you are shopping to buy wholesale plus size women’s clothing make sure to play around with current trends and bring the latest to the wardrobe that follows the above-mentioned guides to make you look your best.

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