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Buildings are affected in different ways during heavy water logging and flood situations. Though basements of homes are not always visible, they are the areas which get impacted first due to excess water. Of course, the water doesn’t really care whether it is getting to enter an individual’s home or a company premise, as long as it gets entry. The water could, however, cause a lot of damage because in either case, a lot of major equipment gets stored. At the same time, electric points could create a potentially dangerous situation. 

Types of equipment that may be found in basements across American homes include extra cupboards, beds, cabinets, storage racks, and also a variety of gadgets. The best way to make sure that these items remain safe and that the basement remains livable round the year is to get basement waterproofing in Philadelphia done.   

Get in touch with reputed vendors

For best waterproofing results, the best idea would be to get in touch with a reputed vendor in one’s area. Familiarity with some of the homes and their construction around would go a long way in ensuring that the best job is done. Of course, knowledge and experience about the overall procedure, irrespective of location, are also important. For example, some areas are more prone to heavy rainfall than others. In such places, it may be necessary to get basement waterproofing done more than once a year. Company professionals must be aware of the same and not be in a hurry to get paid for the job. 

Check before and after pictures

Yet another way to narrow down one’s choice of waterproofing companies is to take a look at restoration pictures. Photographs before and after restoration will be available, and they must be accessed for knowing the type of work done. One can get a clear indication of the company’s quality of work. Of course, one can also consider going to a live construction site for an accurate idea. In case the professionals seem to be discouraging visits due to invalid reasons, it is an indication that something is wrong.   

Here are the situations when waterproofing activities should ideally be carried out:

  1. Increasing safety– For anyone planning to live alone or with a family in a home for a reasonably long period of time, waterproofing would be good idea. It will protect home occupants from the vagaries of nature.
  2. Buying or renting a house- Prior to making this decision, it would be beneficial to get the  basement evaluated by a professional waterproofing company
  3. Sale of private house or commercial premise– Before sellers make their homes or commercial spaces sellable on the marketplace, they should renovate it by waterproofing the basement given. Not only will it help show care for a premise, but it will also increase the place’s value in the real estate market. 

Obvious signs that the basement needs treatment

There are certain obvious signs which show that one’s basement is in desperate need of waterproofing. One has to keep a close watch on different parts of the home. The different signs have been mentioned below:

  1. Growth of mildew
  2. High dampness as a whole
  3. Paint peeling away
  4. Dry rot
  5. Wall seepage 
  6. Warped paneling
  7. White powder being visible on walls or floors 

Waterproofing from the remodeling point of view

There are various ways of renovating one’s basement? The easiest changes could be in the form of vinyl lights and other extra lights. A more elaborate method would be to generate extra rooms within the same space or to modify the architectures of a few rooms. However, do understand that none of these changes will be really effective unless basement is done. Only this can ensure that the changes made to the architecture remain in good shape, and that one doesn’t have to incur extra expenses unnecessarily.  

In various parts of the US, residents consider basements as integral parts of their homes, creating a different kind of a haven within the home. Such places are regarded as extra living spaces, inclusive of various gadgets such as TVs and many kinds of furniture. 

Considering the importance given to the basement, it deserves waterproofing just as much as the rest of the home. The remodeling can certainly be completed keeping the budget in mind. 

Waterproofing for commercial enterprises

If one considers the city of Philadelphia, a large number of private and government-based enterprises operate here. Most of them store huge stocks of materials in their basements. Among the different organizations, papers, books, and other physical materials are found in police precincts. 

For police precincts and other commercial enterprises as well, waterproofing companies have to sign long term contracts and get them approved by the enterprise’s management. Basements in this area must get the same treatment as homes, since the health of an employee is no less important than any family member. 

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