There is no doubt that long-term relationships tend to end on a sour note. While some couples will remain together for life, others choose to go their own ways. There are many factors associated with a divorce or breakup, with the main one being lack of intimacy.

Of course, it is difficult to endure what life has to throw at you as a couple, but with a strong bond and intimacy it is possible to come out on top. Below, you will discover tips that are guaranteed to add more spice to a relationship.

Do Not Be Afraid To Experiment

Everyone responds to sexual advances in different ways. While someone may be turned on by a kiss on the cheek, other people are put off by this action. The key is learning what turns the other person on. The best way to learn these little secrets is experimenting.

Do not feel guilty that you do not already know these secrets, because many couples have difficulty communicating about intimacy. Try different things to determine how your partner responds. A gentle touch on the back may or may not work, but it should deliver an affectionate response. Just have fun experimenting and do not stop until you discover the secrets that turn you on.

Invest In Sex Toys

There is no better way to enhance your stimulation than sex toys. These devices can trigger sensations, even in the least sensitive person. You can purchase these items at any brick-and-mortar or online sex shop. There you will find a broad selection of toys and sexy attire for both men and women.

A battery-powered vibrator and penis ring will go a long way in creating an erotic result. When you invest in these devices, you may need to experiment with them to determine the best way to utilize them. However, you really cannot go wrong, because they will stimulate in just about any position. Never be shy about buying and using these products.


Be Adventurous

Once you get your partner in the bedroom, you will want to get their undivided attention. If you do not perform up to par, you may not get this chance again for a very long time. Switching positions and locations will do a lot to add spice to your love life. Instead of sticking with the traditional missionary position, test the coital alignment (Cat), waterfall, one up and cowgirl positions. If these positions do not float your boat, you can do a bit of research to find other sex positions that just may do the trick.

Take A Class Together

It is a good idea to take a class together. There are plenty of fun classes that you can enjoy with your significant other. An art or dance class will definitely do the trick. These classes will give you the opportunity to bond deeply with your significant other. On top of that, it could be just the thing you need to save your relationship from falling apart. Plus, you’ll be able to learn something new and exciting!

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