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Shisha Pen: Five Health Concerns of Smoking & Benefits of Vaping

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By Andrej Kovacevic

Ex-smokers who are enjoying the benefits of using a shisha pen would agree that it’s way healthier and better than smoking.

On the other hand, those who haven’t given e-cigarettes a try, should familiarize themselves with the health concerns related to smoking, and the benefits they can enjoy once they switch to vaping instead.

Here are some of those.

1. Health: Perhaps, the most notable advantage that you can enjoy from vaping is the fact that it has a lower health risk, and it can be an ideal abstinence for those who are addicted to smoking. You can still enjoy the taste of nicotine, but in a lesser amount– which means lesser health hazards as well.

2. A Wide Range of Flavors to Choose from: Unlike traditional cigarettes that only has a single flavor, there’s a wide range of e-juice flavors available in the market– this makes the use of shisha pen more enjoyable, while improving your health at the same time. Aside from that, since there are several flavors for you to try, this encourages a smoker to completely quit smoking.

3. Aesthetically Pleasing to the Eyes: Unlike traditional cigarettes, e-cigs don’t produce any odor and residue. That means not only you’re doing yourself a favor, but those who surround you as well. There won’t be any emission coming from the cigarette tip that could affect the health of second-degree smokers.

Also, most non-users consider the smell of a shisha pen to be quite pleasant– thanks to the e-juice flavors that made that possible.

4. Convenience: With vaping, there’s no need to step outside as its socially acceptable in most places where smoking is prohibited. You don’t have to move out of your office or bar to vape, and this can be one of the reasons to encourage a smoker to give vaping a try. Also, you don’t have to force yourself to finish your vape– you can have a single puff or two whenever you feel like it and put your shisha pen inside your pocket again. With regular smoking, you have no choice but to consume the whole stick if you don’t want it to get wasted.

5. Solution to Addiction: Although there’s still a lot to be learned about vaping, there’s no doubt that it’s definitely a healthier alternative to smoking. A lot of ex-smokers thought that it’s impossible for them to quit their vice, but after switching to shisha pen, they were pleasantly surprised that after a few months, it seems like they don’t really have to puff a traditional cigarette at all.

Most of them ended up choosing vaping because it has a lower health risk, but still has the same goodness they love about smoking.

Final Words: Lastly, it’s important to note that vaping has a lot of advantages, and it reduces the risks of being affected with chronic diseases, such as lung cancer and prostate cancer. Also, if you’re one of those who has decided to quit smoking all in all, you can start with switching to vaping, to make the transition easier and more tolerable.

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