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COMMENTARY – So WWE superstar Paige made a sex video. Should we be surprised? So the videos released, without her permission, showed the former women’s champion with current and former WWE performers. Should we be that all shocked? [DavidL] Not to sound cold or callous, but nothing the company’s resident bad girl shocks me and the fact this hasn’t happened sooner is more shocking to me. Professional wrestling isn’t immune to this kind of buffoonery, with British beauty joins the likes of Seth Rollins and Hulk Hogan to join the porn parade with pictures or videos being “leaked” without the participants’ permission. The tapes release she her in intimate situations with both Xavier Woods and someone that appears to be Brad Maddox. If you really believe there wasn’t some form of pleasure (yes, pun intended) by Paige that the material made the mainstream web, I have too words for you – they start with a “B” and an “S”. As of now, Paige is currently out with a neck injury. Paige has been out of action since Raw on June 27th 2016. Since then, she has been suspended twice for failing the WWE’s Wellness Policy. Her last violation resulted in a 60-day suspension from the WWE. Whether this latest “news” leads to further action by her employer has not been discussed in public yet. There is a fine line between the public and private life of wrestling stars, some of which is blurred in storylines and rumor mills that are started and forever continued on the Internet. Paige, for all her beauty and ability, is the train wreck you cannot help but watch and any news of her impropriety is worth a good yarn. The suspensions and her family’s involvement in her, the news of her dating Alberto Del Rio, the news of her appearing backstage at a TNA taping and flaunting it in WWE’s face – they all have consequences. With the news of The Rock producing a movie about her and her family may now be on hold, as several media outlets are speculating. Part of the famous Knight wrestling family, Paige has competed since the age of 13 and is a two-time Divas champion as well as the inaugural NXT Women’s champion. The Women’s Division has moved on from Paige with the brand split, but would benefit from her edgy commentary and the heat she generated from the fans in a heel role. With AJ Lee leaving he company, she was close to an anti-hero WWE had on the roster before her injury. There is no timetable for her return from injury, and now with the news of her privacy being breeched, whether she comes back to Monday Night Raw (or SmackDown Live) may be up in the air. The 24-year-old has been in a relationship with the former Alberto Del Rio for over a year. Del Rio, who was also suspended for violating the company’s wellness policy, left last year over differences with management. He recently signed with Impact Wrestling.  

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