When life comes at you fast, and there are a million different things pulling you in a number of different directions, it can be a really hard moment. Having a few difficult moments is manageable, but when you are experiencing constant cortisol-inducing stress days, weeks, and months and don’t have a good way to manage this heaviness, this can lead to burnout and cause a number of health issues that can cause long term damage and distress. 

Burnout is caused by chronic stress and can even contribute to anxiety, depression, chronic illness, and sleep problems. A lot of people lose their purpose, passion, and identity which makes it harder to keep going through the motions of daily life. At Holistic Wellness Strategies, there is help and hope to heal your burnout and chronic stress. Self care is responsible for holistically healing your mind and body after years of stress and depression. 

Dr. Tomi Mitchell is a board-certified family practice physician and wellness coach with her own practice. Her platform is used to shed light on the pain points that people face. This includes, but is not limited to: lack of self-care, poor self-esteem, anxiety, depression, and self doubt. Her practice has an approach to mental wellness that can help eradicate these issues. The wellness wheel is a circular chart that shows the various effects of different environments and how those play a role in our mental health. The wheel begins clockwise with emotional, physical,   environmental, financial, spiritual, intellectual, occupational, and ends with social. These segments of the wheel connect us with ourselves, our environment, others, and our purpose. This is what truly makes us feel healthier, more capable, and resilient to outside negativity and troubles.

Our lives are meant to be enriching, fulfilling, and healing to our mind, body, and spirit, and Dr. Mitchell is one to guide and challenge her patients gently to activate change, and new ways of thinking. “My methods are personally used; I have been in the same places that my patients have been in. I had to overcome so many challenges in my life, and it was injurious to my mental health. Being told from an early age and into adulthood that I wasn’t any good really weighed on me, especially when it comes from people who were supposed to be teaching and encouraging me. I worked hard to prove myself, definitely pushing myself to the brink of exhaustion. After years of damaging self-sacrifice, guilt, and the weight of traumatic experiences, I had to find change, what I truly wanted, and who I was. I encourage my patients to practice self care because you cannot pour from an empty cup,” Dr. Mitchell says.

“When you’re feeling burnt out, no longer sure of your purpose, struggling with stress, anxiety, low self esteem and depression, but still putting a front that you have it all together, this is where I can help. I have been there and have overcome it. When you’re trying too hard to be the perfect parent-spouse-professional and you’re tired of trying to figure out how to be your “best self”, you need to seek help,” Dr. Mitchell encourages. 

Dr. Mitchell loves to help high achieving people without purpose, find their way. “I was once one of those people, but things are so much better now and I want to help others that have been in similar situations.” Career driven people with families that want to rebalance and shift their responsibilities into something fulfilling is possible. “I wasn’t always the most energetic, highly intelligent, passionate woman you see today. I started out running multiple businesses, balancing being a wife and mom, and trying to achieve many things at once to a depressing level. Anyone can make this positive change and I can help every step of the way.”

Life is hard, there isn’t a doubt about it, but when you don’t have the tools to help you succeed it can be draining. Dr. Mitchell has a number of online and group training courses to help you manage stress, build your self-care routine, and help you change your thoughts and beliefs to help you be your best self.


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