Growth hormone is a naturally occurring hormone secreted from the pituitary gland at the base of the skull. GHD (growth hormone deficiency) is more common in children than adults, but can have pretty severe consequences if left untreated. Children with GHD have difficulties growing to the height and weight of other children their age. Adults on the other hand can face high cholesterol, high fat gain especially around the midsection area, less muscle mass, and weakened bon structure.

It’s not uncommon for adults to suffer from HGD if they suffered from it as a child. It is uncommon for them to develop the deficiency as an adult, unless there was some sort of damage to the pituitary gland. This can include a tumor on or near the pituitary gland, a head injury, or radiation to rid a tumor in the area surrounding the gland.

Adults face many symptoms of GHD, which can make it tough to get a successful diagnosis. Because of how GHD is normally caused in adults, it’s likely your doctor will consider it when discussing your symptoms. They often report simply not feeling themselves, having low libido, and not enjoying social interaction that they used to enjoy. Lack of energy, lack of motivation, and feeling extremely tired even with proper amounts of sleep is another sign of GHD. Even though growth hormone has to do with the development of growing big and strong, it also has a lot to do with regulating cognitive functions and moods. People suffering from GHD and not undergoing therapy, will often experience loss in relationships and become unproductive at work. Without treatment, the disorder is truly life changing.

GameDay Men’s Health is a company that serves San Diego and it’s surrounding areas with GHD treatments. They identify the symptoms of GHD to be anxiety/depression, difficulty focusing, continuous hair loss, lower tolerance to exercise, sensitivity to heat/cold, and insulin resistance. On their site ( you’ll find their three-step approach to treating growth hormone deficiency.

GameDay Men’s Health has a bioidentical hormone replacement therapy option that uses hormones created with the same chemical structure and function in the exact same way as hormones that exist naturally within your body. Studies show that this is the safer and more effective approach to hormone therapy in regard to natural versus synthetic hormone replacement. GameDay Men’s Health identified some of the anti-aging benefits of bioidentical hormone replacement therapy, which are as follows.

· Improved bone density

· Improved sexual function

· Improved metabolic function

· Improvement in hair loss

· Improvement in stamina

· Increased libido

· Increased energy levels

GameDay Men’s Health have also identified the benefits of undergoing human growth hormone therapy, they are as follows.

· Increased sex drive and performance

· Improved strength and vitality

· Higher metabolism (weight loss and energy boost)

· Younger, healthier skin

· Improved mood

· Better memory and overall brain function

· Revitalized health and sense of wellness

Undergoing hormone treatment for GHD is a no-brainer. At GameDay, all you have to do is stop by their man cave office for a blood test to identify if you do in fact of GHD. If you do, you’ll then meet with the GameDay crew to discuss treatment options. It’s possible that you could even start treatment that day. There is however an option to have your treatment mailed to you where you can administer it to yourself on your own time.

Human growth hormone therapy is both safe and effective. No one should have to go through life tired, unmotivated, and feeling less than you just because of a faulty pituitary gland. GameDay prides themselves in five commitments to their customers.

1. To always understand how valuable your time is

2. To treat you as a teammate and answer any and all of your questions

3. To create game plans specifically tailored to your unique needs and goals

4. To provide you with the highest quality medications and care

5. To be relentless in helping you thrive life

If you want to get your life back on track, visit GameDay Men’s Health today.

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