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Snowman’s Take: No Love for Iowa or Florida

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You may not agree with what I am about to say.  Which is why I’m gonna say it the way I usually do – with CONVICTION and HONESTY.

As far as the College football playoff goes, Iowa and Florida get ABSOLUTELY NO LOVE from ol’ Snowman!  NONE!

Yeah I said it.  Shall I say it again – okay…NONE!

Why you ask?  Because these are two teams that got no attention at the top of the season and then they started winning.  Especially Florida.  I have a deep disdain for the Florida Gators this season.

But let’s start with the Iowa Hawkeyes.  6-0 in their division, 10-0 on the season.  The numbers look like these:

Passing Yards 209.7       82nd
Rushing Yards  211.7     28th
Points For   33.0     Tied-38th
Points Against 18.4        16th
Pretty good if you look at it on the surface.  But, there is one reason and one reason only I am not buying Iowa and it’s simply this – in the Kirk Ferentz era, whenever the ‘Hawks have gotten to this point, they always find a way to fall in a trap game and they have two of them coming up to close the season.  Senior Day at Kinnick Stadium vs Purdue, and then they travel to Nebraska.  CLASSIC trap games.  Senior Day – Purdue.  The same Boilermakers that nearly beat my beloved Northwestern Wildcats last Saturday.  Held NU to 21 points.  And the Hawkeyes, who defeated NU 40-16 barely escaped Minnesota.  Teams have been getting closer and closer and one of the last two teams will take Iowa down.  I said it and meant it.  The Kirk Ferentz era has been outlined by a fall when they get close to competing for a championship.  That is why I won’t buy Iowa.
Now, onto Florida.  I don’t like the Gators.  Period.  Point blank.  End of story.  But that is not the reason I’m not buying Florida.  The Gators have basically backed their way into a division title and now they get to wait until they find out their opponent for Atlanta’s SEC Championship game?  Really?  That alone is a reason I’m not buying the Gators.  But, let’s bring the numbers into play:
Passing Yards     232.3            55th
Rushing Yards    138.6          103rd
Points For            28.0     Tied-67th
Points Against      14.5              4th
Credit to the Florida defense for doing their job, LATELY.  LATELY.  I know Janet Jackson did “What have you done for me Lately?”   They barely beat Vanderbilt, squeaked by South Carolina, had to come back against Tennessee.  Lost to LSU so there’s that one loss.  Hell Florida still has to contend with Florida State who still could be taking their anger from a blocked FG against Georgia Tech on them.  If that happens, bye-bye Gator Country…thanks for playing.
But if all shakes out and these two are still knocking on the door, Brutus and Big Al could slam the door in their faces once and for all!
Maybe it’s by design by Florida for us not to know who any of their star players are, and maybe they are using that as a chip on their shoulder.  The same can be said for Iowa.  But until either of them show me that they can win (in 2015 that is) with the spotlight on, and BOTH have some trap games coming to close the season, they gets no love from me.  Period.
That’s Snowman’s Take – What’s yours?

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