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WWE Editorial: “Appearance means everything, Talent not so much”

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Written by The Dark Knight of Sports LaShawn Encarnacion

Shawn Michaels, Ric Flair, Hulk Hogan, John Cena, Triple H, The Rock, Stone Cold Steve Austin. Some of the names most linked to the WWE and the World Heavyweight Championship. Even on the eve of the Survivor Series, which will be known as The Undertakers 25th anniversary edition of the day Undertaker first came onto the WWF/WWE scene has held the championship.

In this day and age of change and being more open to difference being accepted, the WWE Front Offices are still having issues letting go of the past when it comes to its main guy for the company (that being the WWE World Heavyweight Championship holder). So lets break this very power keg topic and blow it up.

DISCLOSURE: Not saying that past champions were without talent, just making the argument that because certain performers did not have a certain “look” they are getting passed over.

Since 1990, there has only been four wrestlers from someplace other than the U.S. or Canada to have held the coveted WWE World Heavyweight Championship. Alberto Del Rio (Currently Unites States Champion), Rey Mysterio (currently not with company), the late Eddie Guerrero and the late Yokozuna. Sheamus could be considered this mix but this particular article is focusing on more “oppressed” races for its impact.

When World Championship Wrestling (WCW) was its own entity, it allowed for the first Black World Heavyweight Champion to become the face of its company (Ron Simmons). Yet when going over the list of World Heavyweight Champions since 1963 via the WWE archives, it shows no true Black Champions, which is an alarming trend … one of concern. To view this list click on this link: WWE Champions since 1963

So when reports from independent wrestling websites are saying that WWE officials are not too keen on performers like Cesaro and Sasha Banks, that does begin to rial up much suspicion as to the racial questions once again.

It is no secret that Cesaro in the ring is truly a gifted athlete and performer. He takes to the fans a great deal better and gives outstanding performances with the top-tier talent, INCLUDING WWE World Heavyweight Champions of the past like Sheamus, Alberto Del Rio, Seth Rollins and even the all mighty one John Cena. Yet such a great performer, who is drawing seats into the arenas, who is one of the primary reasons for watching the WWE in recent months, is being kept down simply because he is not from the United States, that he does not fit the “model champion” look the WWE is desiring of its face of the company.

That does not even come close as to the issues that Sasha Banks is under in today’s WWE. How many times has an arena that has housed a RAW or SMACKDOWN or other live event, when a Divas match has gone on where there was not a chant of “We Want Sasha.” Sasha Banks has proven to be one of, if not, THE BEST competitor in the Divas division of the WWE. Yet in some arena’s, especially when on NxT, the chants of “Sasha’s rachet” seem to ring throughout the arena, which obviously has played into WWE’s decision in how to use her talents.

Her Team B.A.D. partner Naomi (Former Funkadactyl) has been kept from reaching and grabbing that Divas Championship. Daughter of all of fame legend Jimmy Superfly Snuka, Tamina, cannot even get enough ring action to be closely considered for a Divas Championship.

Even heavily fan favorite, Daniel Bryan (currently dealing with medical clearance issues to return) was kept down from being “The Face of WWE” simply because of his outer appearance. Similar thing could be said about CM Punk as he was ran out of the WWE and is now with the UFC preparing for his first fight in mid 2016.

In a country that has a Black President, a country that stands for freedom for ALL, there is still some racial issues in the country in full practice. It is a very alarming and concerning trend that has gone on for too long. In the age where minorities ARE the majority in the Unites States of America, companies like the WWE need to reevaluate their definition as “Face of the WWE.” All the WWE needs to do is go back to when Stone Cold Steve Austin was champion. Completely against what WWE stands for and YET the most popular and most profitable there EVER was.

So on this 25th anniversary edition of the Survivor Series, WWE should get with the times and listen to its true cash cows … that be US. The WWE Universe for we are not as oblivious as those WWE suits think we are and the consistent drop in ratings proves it.

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