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Social Media: Best link building tactics

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Backlinks of high quality are very important for Search Engine Optimization (SEO). These links are a prerequisite to rank in competitive search and acquire organic traffic from Google. But there is a large confusion regarding quality of links. Here are 3 widely asked questions:

● How to build links that improve search performance?

● How to acquire quality links?

● How to determine quality of links?

Simple answer to these questions is that secure links that real humans would click. Make sure they are relevant, useful and most importantly natural. Compromising on the quality cannot get you the desired results. It is critically important to preserve visitor’s trust.

Quality link building requires investment of time and effort. Here are some tactics that will allow you to secure the quality links your site deserves.

Valuable content

In order to enhance your online visibility, you need to create outstanding content and share it with your targeted audience. Google continuously recommends to create content that is valuable to your audience and regarding it as the best way to build links.

Creating valuable content is the key to link building. Create content that your audience appreciates. Use format that makes sense to your audience the most. It is highly lucrative for links, traffic, shares and recognition. But you also need to promote it.

Contribute to industry publications

Publishing your work in relevant publications can increase your online visibility. This is also known as guest blogging. However, the ultimate goal is to secure quality contributions to industry websites.

Contributing to an industry publication is a strong link building tactic. It enables you to jump into big audience and build relationships across the industry. You can visit klikko.dk/linkbuilding for better idea about it.

Mention links

If your business have any sort of visibility online, mentioning them can be a good source of quality links. Finding online mentions is one of the most undermined quality backlink building tactics.

The concept is pretty straightforward. Anytime someone mentions about your brand, you should know about it not only for links but also to have insights into conversation regarding your business. Once you find the mention, reach out to the site owner and ask if they would backlink.

Broken link building

Web is an indefinite bundle of interconnected websites which is always growing and changing. Due to its volatile character, there is a potential of Internet being filled with broken links. If you find a broken page that has been linked by other sites, you can create a replacement and follow down broken links. It is an amazing opportunity to create quality backlinks.

Analyzing competitors

Niche research is essential to create a link building strategy. Research competition, keywords, audience and much more. If your competitors are winning against you in search then check their link sources. Evaluate how they are securing good links which will help you reform your own strategy. You can even chase the same quality links your competitors have. Analyze the loopholes in your strategy properly and try to rectify them.

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