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Fitness Mantra for Covid-19 Era
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Staying Fit Indoors – Fitness Mantra for Covid-19 Era

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Staying fit during the pandemic has become a considerable challenge. Stepping outside for a run is risky, and so is heading to the gym for a cardio session. How are you keeping fit indoors? What are you doing to stay healthy and active while you wait for the pandemic to get over? If your answer is a sad ‘nothing,’ here is a small article that will help you with a simple workout regime.

This regime can help you eliminate the few rolls that have appeared since the pandemic began and will get you back on track with your fitness goals. Read on.

Warmup Before you start any exercise, you should warm up your body. It consists of simple activities that increase your blood flow and prepare the body for the exercise or workout that is the follow. It is like a warning for the body to be ready for all the pressure on the bones and muscles. Your warmup can be an easy walk, a slow jog on the treadmill, of a slow pace cycling on a stationary bicycle.

This part aims to get the heart rate up and let the mind and body know that there’s more coming. A warmup will also tell you about injuries or pain in your body parts so that you can skip a workout or postpone the whole plan until you feel better.

1. Cardiovascular Exercises

Once your body is ready for the workout session, start with cardio. This type of exercise is meant to work out the heart. There are several cardio exercises that you can choose from. You can perform aerobics while watching a video online. You can also jump a rope to get your heart pumping. Some other simple options include running faster in the open space, climbing stairs, and pedaling faster on a stationary bike.

Choose a cardiovascular exercise based on your comfort and the availability of the resource. As mentioned above, there are multiple exercises to choose from, so pick on based on your convenience and give your heart a good workout. If you have any heart ailments or have respiratory conditions like asthma, you should consult your doctor before performing cardio.

2. Resistance Workouts

After cardio, it’s time for some strength training. It is done with the help of resistance workouts. They improve your strength and endurance and put the much-needed energy in your limbs. Strength training is commonly associated with weights, but you can also do it without them. At home, you can perform strength training with squats, push-ups, abdominal crunches, etc.

Start with a set of 5 because these exercises pull your muscles. Gradually increase the numbers every day to effectively burn out fat, get in shape, and feel the strength in your arms and legs. You can work out with small dumbbells, weight bars, bands, or tubing at home if you have resources.

3. Flexibility Workout

It is not enough to be healthy, you have to be flexible. There are again several different workouts that can help you become lax in your moves. Yoga is a powerful tool that can loosen your muscles and help you bend as you like. It also works out the joints to get rid of all the pain and discomfort being caused by stiffness. You can also choose to perform floor stretches.

4. Cool Down

The last step is to cool down your body, just like you warmed up in the beginning. It will let your body know that it’s time to relax, and the workout is over. Do not stop the exercise suddenly and sit down. If you were running, gradually slow down your speed; similarly, if you were climbing the stairs, slowly bring down your pace to a halt.

If you are more of make your workout type of person, you can check out workout videos available online. You will find lessons on everything from Pilates to kickboxing to dancing. Pick one and start moving; the point is to stay active and healthy, even while indoors. For more inspiration, check out the Fitgenic website. 


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